Most Popular House Styles in Phoenix

Most Popular House Styles in Phoenix

Home styles in Phoenix very greatly. They are not what you would typically see back east, being more appropriate for the landscape and climate of the Valley of the Sun. Classic homes in Phoenix are known for their blend of desert elements and modern aesthetic appeal. They often draw from ancient influences that have been augmented through the centuries by Spanish, Mexican and Contemporary designers and architects.

This gives a unique dimension to the house styles in and around town. Of the many styles that are popular in the Phoenix area, two of the most distinctive are homes in the Territorial and Santa Fe styles.


Territorial-style homes in the Phoenix area offer a unique blend of modern conveniences and historic touches. Ceilings are typically high and spacious throughout the home including great rooms in the dining area and master suites. Windows tend to be large, so as to offer wide sweeping views for the horizon. Stucco construction creates durable and energy efficient exteriors without sacrificing elegance.

These kinds of homes in Phoenix are characterized by rich earth tones, such as deep browns, yellows and reds. This color palate provides a beautiful symmetry with the desert sky and landscape of native plants and flowers. Territorial homes can also incorporate such styles as Pueblo, Greek Revival, Spanish and Frontier Folk.

These homes will often have turquoise blue front doors, terracotta roofs, wrought iron gates and rustic Spanish style painted tiles. To cool the house, central courtyards are often common features. In addition to cooling the home, the courtyard serves as a strong natural focal point.

Some other features of the territorial style home include:

  • Exterior Adobe walls
  • A facade often trimmed with wood, especially over doorways and windows
  • Carved posts and beams
  • Brick accented parapets
  • Native “Territorial” colors, such as soft white, desert sand yellow, and sky blue

These types of homes, combining rustic and urban elements are native to the Southwest and are very desirable among real estate buyers in Phoenix

Santa Fe

These homes are still extremely popular in the Phoenix real estate market. The style dates back over 3,000 years to the original inhabitants of our area, the Anasazi. During colonial times, Spanish and Mexican designers brought their own traditions and influences. In spite of all these various traditions, the core clay brick and mud-covered exterior has remained.

Today, the Santa Fe style house is made of durable stucco over concrete, and typically has any combination of the following features:

  • A flat roof of  “vigas” and “latillas”, the former being large timber ceiling beams, and the latter being small wood poles that are laid against them.
  • Raised hearth fireplaces
  • Hard surface floors, often incorporating distressed brick

Both these types of Phoenix house styles offer rustic warmth that incorporates the ancient building traditions and influences of the region. They seek to blend seamlessly with the natural landscape of the desert. If you’re in the market for a new house in Phoenix, you’ll certainly want to consider these classic Phoenix house styles.