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Most experts agree that the Minneapolis/St. Paul real estate market was a seller’s market up until early 2020. That means home prices are climbing and things are getting more competitive. And with the onset of summer, this trend may or may not continue. Families often wait until summer to buy or sell their homes, meaning […]

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How to Get Your Real Estate License in Minnesota

For opportunities in real estate, Minnesota is on the rise. In the Twin Cities especially, there are plenty of ways that real estate agents with the right stuff can cash in. If you’re looking for a career change and have always thought that you might be able to make it as a real estate agent […]

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Can an Executor Sell a House without Beneficiaries Approving it in Minnesota?

Can an Executor Sell a House Without Beneficiaries Approving it in the Twin Cities? Executors serve many roles in the estate planning and probate process. They ensure that all estate assets are managed and protected while overseeing their distribution to beneficiaries. Selling a house within an estate without the approval of beneficiaries is an issue […]

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