The Secret to Selling Your Home Fast in Minneapolis

The Secret to Selling Your Home Fast in Minneapolis

If you’re in a situation where you have to sell your house fast in Minneapolis, you’re going to face some unique challenges. Let’s have a look at some of the steps to make the process smooth, and help your home to sell as quickly as possible.

Using a real estate agent

One of the first moves you’ll be inclined to make is to procure the services of a real estate agent. An excellent real estate agent may have the ability to get your house off the market quickly.

When it comes to real estate, time is often your enemy. If selling your home is time-sensitive, then your real estate agent is going to have to work their network to the max. In a pinch, they’ll have to find motivated buyers and schedule showings. Also, you won’t have the luxury of taking the time to test the market. You’ll have to dial in your pricing accurately in the beginning.


When time is of the essence, you’ll need to cater to the buyer’s need for a home that’s move-in ready. This is going to mean taking the time to make sure the home shows in the most desirable way possible. We’re talking “turn-key” level.

You’re likely going to have to make any necessary repairs and cosmetic upgrades. All clutter is going to have to be removed and the home meticulously cleaned.

If you really want to sell the home fast, you should always hire a professional “staging” company to guarantee that the interior design is enhanced for maximum aesthetic appeal.


Every homeowner knows the importance of maintenance. If you’ve already moved, you still have to continue to maintain your house.

In Minneapolis, this can be tough, given the harsh winters. You have to winterize your home so that pipes don’t burst and heating systems are maintained. In summer, lawns need to be edged and mowed often. Trees may need to be trimmed.


An issue some don’t consider – your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover a vacant house. You’d have to purchase a home insurance policy specifically designed for a vacant home.

In a best-case scenario, selling your house is a drawn-out process. There can be lots of hassles and moving parts to make sure the transition to your new residence goes smoothly. The process is not for everyone, and that’s ok.

If you do want to sell your Minneapolis home quickly, and without many of the hassles of selling via a real estate agent, give us a call. We will arrange to inspect your home in-person and could give you a fair cash offer the same day. We’ve been America’s premier home buyers since 1996.