The 4 best haunted houses in Denver

The 4 best haunted houses in Denver

When Halloween comes around in Denver, local residents make it a point to visit the excellent haunted houses in the area.

But how do you know which ones are worth the price of admission?

When you go to a haunted house, you want to the real thing. All haunted houses are meant to scare you, but not all haunted houses are created equally.

So here are the best haunted houses in Denver for you to check out this Halloween season.

1. Haunted Field of Screams

Haunted Field of Screams has been recognized as the largest Halloween attraction in Colorado. It covers 35 acres and includes three main attractions.

There are trails surrounded by towering cornstalks reaching over 15 feet high, and the venue has now celebrated more than 14 years of frightening the locals.

This haunted house attraction is not limited by any means. You’ll find zombies, killer clowns, and a whole slew of the undead all ready to do what they do best: scare the wits out of you. There are different themes throughout the Haunted Field of Screams, each designed to push you to the limits of fear.

There’s also the famous Dead Man’s Maze, which leads visitors down many wrong paths adding extreme levels of fear to be experienced.

2. 13th Floor Haunted House

This haunted house has been ranked among the best in the entire country. It’s even been featured in the popular TV program “America Haunts”, and Hauntworld Magazine has voted it as one of the best haunted attractions for seven years in a row.

The 13th Floor Haunted House is constantly being developed and has new additions for the upcoming Halloween season, including three new themes.

There’s the Hallow House, which represents the classic Halloween haunted experience. You’ll hear evil laughter and the screams that’ll make you wonder if you’ll ever make it out alive.

Undead: What Lies Beneath is the second new attraction. Here you can go deep into an old research facility that houses some unusually terrifying experiments. There’s plenty of undead there to escape, so be ready.

The Feral Moon attraction lets you walk through a small town that has a haunted cemetery. But when the moon is full, the werewolves may strike. This attraction offers an exciting take on the classic werewolf story.

3. The Frightmare Compound

This haunted attraction first appeared in 1983. It’s one of Colorado’s oldest haunted houses and has grown in popularity over the years.

It’s also the first haunted house to appear in Denver. It’s become a legendary attraction among haunted house enthusiasts, and delivers a truly authentic Halloween experience.

Each year, visitors get an improved experience, as the Frightmare Compound continues to enhance its features. They’re always implementing new ways to frighten and entertain their annual guests.

They use studio-quality effects that add a new level of realism to the experience, which has made them the top-rated haunted house in Colorado. There are deep caves that you make your way through as you attempt (but inevitably fail) to avoid the zombies that lurk within.

There’s also a haunted barn that you can go through—but only if you dare.

4. Asylum Haunted House

The Asylum Haunted House comes to you courtesy of the same folks who created the 13th Floor Haunted House. It’s one of the most frightening haunted adventures you’ll face this Halloween, and it has plenty of great new features for this year.

There are hidden paths that take you far below and into a hospital for the mentally insane. The sights and sounds create the perfect haunted house attraction for you to visit this year.

Choosing the spookiest haunted houses in Denver is the first step in making this a Halloween that you and your family won’t soon forget. These haunted houses are the most frightful and must-see attractions to check out this year.