Denver’s Beautiful Public Art Scene

Denver’s Beautiful Public Art Scene

Denver is known for being the “Mile High City” and whether you’re in town visiting or you grew up in the city one thing you’ll notice is Denver loves art.  There is art all over the city allowing families to take in a weekend full of art if they choose.  If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in the Mile High City make sure you check out the top 6 most iconic pieces of art in Denver!

Dancing Couple

On the edge of downtown Denver near the home for the Colorado Symphony you’ll find two 60 foot statues that are supposed to be two ballet dancers but look more like dancing aliens.  The two figures are caught in a perpetual dance to entice guests to visit the musical district of Denver.  You can catch the two white statues near N. Speer Blvd between Champa St. & Arapahoe St.

Big Blue Bear

The first time you enter downtown Denver and drive by the Colorado Convention Center you’ll be surprised to see a giant 40-foot tall Big Blue Bear staring into the building.  It’s not unusual to find first-time visitors to the city of Denver driving around the blocks a few times in order to get a better look.  The actual title of the sculpture is “I see what you mean” but most folks who live in the area only know it as the Big Blue Bear.  You can see the Big Blue Bear at 700 14th St.

Big Sweep

The Denver Art Museum plaza sits on the northern edge of Downtown Denver.  In that plaza sits a large broom sweeping garbage into a giant dustpan.  This colossal cleaning piece of art is 30 feet tall and is titled, “the Big Sweep.”  This piece of art for many is the first time they’ve intentionally posed with a broom, but it’s hard not to when something this unique stands out in the crowd.  You too can pose with Big Sweep at 100 W. 14th Ave.

Cows Invade Denver

You can find a mother and her calf that’s about three times the size of normal cows just east of the Denver Art Museum.  These two large bovines bring a sense of the Colorado farmland into the big city.  Folks can also find other cows painted and decorated with special themes throughout downtown Denver throughout the year.  You can find Cow Town at W. 12th Ave between Bannock St. & Acoma St.


cow statues in Denver

Demon Horse

I’ve saved the best for last.  Everyone in Denver and everyone who has flown into Denver has been greeted by a large blue DEMON in the shape of a bronco next to the Denver International Airport (DIA).  This Demon Horse shares a love/hate relationship with the citizens of Denver and has lovingly given the nickname, “Bluecifer.”  Though many have worked at trying to get this piece of art removed it continues to catch everyone’s attention, and rightfully so because you can’t take your eyes off it.  You can stare into the red demon eyes of Bluecifer near DIA at 8500 Pena Blvd.

a large blue demon horse next to the Denver International Airport

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