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Most Popular House Styles in Dallas

Photo Courtesy Steven Martin If you’re looking to buy a new house in the Dallas area, you’re going to need a crash course in home styles. Are you going to go with a Craftsman or Traditional? These are just a few of the many styles that are available to you as a buyer in Dallas. […]

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Top 3 Famous Churches in Dallas

As a city with many deeply religious people, Dallas is blessed with quite a few historic churches. We thought it would be interesting to take a look at Dallas’ most famous churches and espouse on what makes them so special for our readers. Here are a few famous churches: Gateway Church Dallas is home to […]

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Get a Move On With the Best Moving Companies in Dallas

Whether you’re moving around the block or across town, it pays to have someone else do the heavy lifting for you. But who should you pay to do it? That’s one of the toughest parts of finding a moving company in Dallas. It’s not to say that most are unreliable, but it’s that, when it […]

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Dallas Winter Driving Conditions

Wondering what Dallas’ winter driving conditions are like right now? Check the map below for current Dallas traffic. Winter driving in Dallas is fairly easy, but it does have its rough spots. Our region is prone to ice storms, which are about as fun as they sound. Instead of fluffy, crunchy snowfalls turning our beloved […]

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What Happens to a Condemned House in Dallas?

A house in Dallas is condemned when a government entity has determined that the building is no longer fit to live in. In order to be condemned, a house most usually show a pattern of unsafe housing code violations. No one may live in a condemned building or use it until the owner has proven […]

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How to Get Oncor to Pay You to Put Solar Panels on Your House

It won’t be long until temperatures start going up again and our electricity bills start rising too. We’re blessed with some pretty inexpensive energy here in North Texas, but it doesn’t change the fact that it costs a pretty penny to keep the house cool during those 100 degree-plus days. Aside from turning up the […]

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How the Downtown Dallas Skyline Got Its Shape

To trace the history of the downtown Dallas skyline, you don’t have to go back very far. Just as J.R. Ewing was chasing his fortunes on TV in the late 1970s, the real-life Dallas was experiencing a boom of its own. The banking and tech sectors in Dallas had taken off, driving a frenzy of […]

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