Stop My Foreclosure in Dallas

We Can Buy Your House Before It Is Gone

Stop My Foreclosure in Dallas

We Can Buy Your House Before It Is Gone

Did you receive a notice of default? Stop your foreclosure. Sell it now!

Don’t let the equity you paid into your house disappear in a foreclosure. The federal foreclosure ban has ended leaving millions of Americans in danger of losing their homes. Traditional foreclosure assistance may not be an option for many homeowners.

Is your bank foreclosing on your home now? Are you in mortgage forbearance, behind on payments, or in pre-foreclosure? Consider selling your home to We Buy Ugly Houses®. You may be able to stop your foreclosure and get back equity in your home.

There may still be time to sell your house and avoid the financial setbacks that come with foreclosure. Contact us right now! Every day counts! Our local property specialist will visit your house and can make you a cash offer to buy your home exactly “as-is” – you won’t need to do any repairs or clean-ups.

Has your home increased in value compared to your mortgage? Our offer may be able to cover your debts, pay back your lender and stop the pre-foreclosure, or foreclosure process. If you still own your home, it may not be too late to stop your foreclosure!

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Can I avoid a short sale and get equity back from my home?

Home prices are increasing across the country. In many real estate markets, selling your pre-foreclosure home is a viable option and a smart move to capture increased equity in your home.  

If you’re still in mortgage forbearance or pre-foreclosure, you may still have time to act.

We may be able to avoid a short sale and buy your house without worrying about getting short sale approval from the lender. In some situations, you may be able to put cash back into your pocket while avoiding foreclosure.

Our local home buyers can talk you through our offer process. Together, you’ll determine whether we can purchase your home and help pay off your debts before the bank acts.

What if I don’t have equity in my house? What if I am upside-down on my mortgage?

Contact our local property buyers and ask about your specific situation. It may be difficult to buy your home if your home value is lower than your mortgage. Still, many markets are seeing skyrocketing home values. A higher value may close the gap between your equity and debt. 

Stay in your home for as long as possible and act now! 

Our local home buyers are experts in your market and can quickly provide you answers about market conditions, the home buying process, and what homes they are willing to buy. Contact us today and get answers!

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Can selling my pre-foreclosure home to We Buy Ugly Houses® help my credit?

Yes, it is possible. If you sell your home to We Buy Ugly Houses®, you can ask your lender to report the debt to credit bureaus as “paid in full.” This option does not affect your credit like a full foreclosure.

The longer you stay in forbearance and miss payments, the more problems you will have with your credit. If you are unable to catch up your payments, generally the sooner you are able to sell your house, the more you can protect your current and future credit score.

If you are behind on your mortgage payments, don’t wait! Contact us now and our local home buyers can help you understand your options before it is too late.

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Don't lose your hard-earned equity! 

Sell your house before it is foreclosed!