Are Dallas cash home-buying companies legit?

Researching any company you plan to work with is an important step in deciding who's the best option for you.

Are Dallas cash home-buying companies legit?

Researching any company you plan to work with is an important step in deciding who's the best option for you.

We buy Dallas houses fast for cash. 

Not everyone can afford to wait for an offer to arrive for their house. As America’s #1 home buyer, we buy houses often in as little as 3 weeks!  

You will have a local property specialist right by your side to guide you through each step of the process.  

We Buy Ugly Houses® is a convenient option for home sellers. If you have a house in need of any cleaning and repairs, don’t even worry about it—we buy houses “as is,” fast for cash.   


Are companies that buy houses for cash legit? 

When someone asks you, “Are companies that buy houses for cash legit?” you can tell them this: 

  • We Buy Ugly Houses has bought over 140,000 houses from homeowners needing a fresh start. 
  • We have a customer satisfaction rate of 95%*
  • We’ve been helping homeowners by buying their houses fast for cash for over 25 years. 

There are plenty of imposters that try to pose as a We Buy Ugly Houses franchise. Some buyers will offer you a seemingly fair cash offer without coming to check on your house—they might even become pushy about it. 

As America’s #1 home buyer, we don’t use any high-pressure tactics in our conversations. You have absolutely no obligation to accept an offer we make. Our property specialists are straightforward and will tell you everything about our process.  

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Are cash offers for houses legit? 

We’ve been able to help thousands of homeowners move on to the next phase of their life after accepting one of our fair, fast cash offers. Our Dallas property specialists come to your house for a no-obligation consultation and sometimes have given homeowners an offer on the spot.  

Online buyers can give you an offer without seeing your property, but they can often keep you at arm’s length during a sale. Our Dallas property specialists care that this experience is as comfortable as possible for you. They’re quick to respond to your questions and explain to you how everything works.  

Work with We Buy Ugly Houses®

Once you schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with us, we can visit your house at your convenience. Sometimes we give an all-cash offer on the same day as our visit. If you choose to accept it, the only work you’ll need to do later is sign on the dotted line! 

We’re the cash home buyer that America trusts. 

If you’re asking, “Are home-buying companies legitimate?” thousands of homeowners can tell you that we’ve given them the fast cash they needed to move on from a house.  

Not everyone has the luxury to spend the time and money necessary to sell a house the traditional way—we get it.  

If you’re inheriting a house, relocating, or facing foreclosure, you don’t have much time to sell your house. It can also be difficult to juggle all the responsibilities required to sell your house, such as making repairs for staging, listing it on the real estate market, and leaving at a moment’s notice for showings. We Buy Ugly Houses® in Dallas has been able to get fast cash hassle-free for thousands of homeowners.