What happens to a condemned house in St. Louis?

What happens to a condemned house in St. Louis?

It’s okay if a home gets a little messy, but if something happens that makes a home unsafe to live in, the house could be condemned. A condemned house is a building that the government has officially declared to be unlivable.

What happens to condemned houses in St. Louis? In this blog post, we take a look at the full condemnation process a house has to go through in Missouri.

Why are houses condemned?

St. Louis County has a special Problem Properties Unit that deals with poorly maintained homes which pose a risk to occupants and property values in the surrounding area.

The most common reasons that a house can be condemned include dangerous code violations in the dwelling or structural problems, pest infestation, or a lack of basic facilities.  If a home is reported to the Problem Properties Unit, they offer a number of services to get the home back into shape and part of the process may include an order for residents to vacate.

For more information on the Problem Properties Unit, you can visit their website.

What happens to a condemned house?

If a condemned home has people living in it, they will be giving a short period of time during which they must vacate the house. The amount of time afforded to occupants will depend on the status of the home and the reasons for the condemnation. If there are hazards in the home that present an immediate danger to residents, then they will be forced to leave as soon as possible.

As the owner of a condemned property, you have the right to contest the condemnation in court to try and prove that the home is livable. In unincorporated St. Louis County, homeowners can apply for a re-occupancy permit which involves the home undergoing a safety and health inspection.

Can you sell a home that’s been condemned?

It is possible to sell a house that’s been condemned if this information is shared with the buyer upfront. However, most home buyers are only interested in homes that are move-in ready. Even if you offer to sell the home at a reduced price, it can be difficult to find a buyer willing to take on the needed repairs themselves.

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