Most popular house styles in St. Louis

Most popular house styles in St. Louis

If you’re in the middle of a house hunt in St. Louis, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the many styles of houses in and around town. Throughout the city’s rich history, residents have lived in a variety of home styles, from classic Victorian homes to bungalows and contemporary lofts.

But if you’re new to the St. Louis housing market, let’s break down three of the most popular and classic St. Louis homes you should know about.

The gingerbread style

While this house style is common throughout many U.S cities, the St. Louis gingerbread style is unique. Here, they’re a rustic version of the classic Tudor Revival Style with a variety of brick tones.

In St. Louis you’ll find most of these homes were originally built in the suburban areas of the city as well as in some of the more established neighborhoods of the city itself. Throughout the years, however, they were increasingly built in the main urban areas of town.

These homes are renowned for their unique details, often looking like small castles. Each of these homes in St. Louis is a one-of-a-kind gem.

Some of the oldest examples can be found along Merrimac Avenue in Dutchtown.

The red brick bungalow

One of the things that make St. Louis one of the most charming cities in the Midwest is the omnipresence of brick. St. Louis was the largest brick-manufacturing city in the world by 1890, home to the biggest single brick maker, the Hydraulic Press Brick Company. St. Louis also had one of the largest terra cotta Industries, creating the main materials of the most popular homes in the city, the red brick bungalow.

The bungalow is a classic home that can be found throughout the U.S., but the St. Louis bungalow shares much of the same characteristics as the traditional Chicago bungalow. The rooflines are low pitched, and homes feature hardwood floors and wood interiors that have made the homes desirable to buyers for years. As is the case with most standard bungalows, the St. Louis bungalow is designed with front porches set under a roof extension, facilitating and natural flow of air. This is especially important come August and the dog days of summer in Northeast Missouri.

St. Louis red brick bungalows are almost always one-story homes, but more and more, they are being renovated to incorporate a second story.

The atrium ranch

The ranch style home is prevalent throughout the U.S. In St. Louis. There are a multitude of ranch homes that are updated with grand atriums. The atrium ranch is much like the classic ranch but with a large open space opening to the outside of the home, creating a living space that is bathed in natural light.

St. Louis is undoubtedly a mixture of contrasting home styles. However, it’s just this blend of styles that creates a unique and one-of-a-kind architectural landscape. If you are looking to buy a home in St. Louis, you’ll have no shortage of home styles from which to choose.