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How to Get your Real Estate License in San Antonio

San Antonio’s real estate market is bustling. With residential sales growing each month, if you’ve ever thought about becoming a real estate agent, now’s the time. But before you can start selling those mansions in Summerglen, you’re going to have to get your license. Here’s what you’re going to have to do to get it. […]

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How to Protest a Property Tax Increase in San Antonio

Because the state of Texas has no income taxes, the state needs to ensure they are getting tax money from other places. Due to this, the government looks to collect these taxes from property taxes, sales taxes and vehicle taxes. This explains why Texas is has the 4th highest rate of any state. It has […]

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Most Popular House Styles in San Antonio

San Antonio is known throughout the country for it’s rich history of colorful, striking, and extraordinary architectural styles. Like the other big cities in Texas, one can find homes that range in styles from contemporary to Victorian classic. If you’re looking to buy a home, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the variety of home […]

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The Oldest Houses in San Antonio

We all know that the current housing marketing in San Antonio is booming, but what about houses from the past? The fact that San Antonio is home to a number of historically significant houses should come as no surprise considering the city’s rich history. Here are a few of our favorite old homes and the […]

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Castles on the Cheap: San Antonio Mansions for Less Than $1 Million

How would you like a nice little spot in the Hill Country, tucked away from all of that noise, pollution and chaos in the city? The estate has plenty of space around it, enough to support outdoor hobbies like horseback riding, ATV riding or hunting. As for bedrooms, there’s suites for family and friends. Entertaining […]

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