Bexar County, TX, home buyers

We Buy Ugly Houses­­®—America's #1 home buyer

Bexar County, TX, home buyers

We Buy Ugly Houses­­®—America's #1 home buyer

We buy houses in Bexar County

Let us help you sell your house

We make fair cash offers.

Every day, we answer calls from homeowners asking, “Who can buy my house in Bexar County, TX?” We are trustworthy cash home buyers who purchase houses "as is" from people who need to sell fast. 

Selling a house in the traditional real estate market isn't easy. It takes a lot of work, time, and money. 

We are a national network of independently owned and operated home-buying franchises. We realize that not everyone has a fair chance to sell their house. 

Putting a house on the market, hiring a real estate agent, and hoping for the best doesn't work for everyone. So we decided to make an easier way to buy a house. Our goal is to give every homeowner the means to sell their house. 

Call 866-200-6475 today and ask your Bexar County, TX, home buyers how you can sell your house for cash!

How to get cash for your house.

It all starts with you. When you call one of our trusted local home buyers, they can walk you through our simple 3-step home-buying process: 

  1. Call one of our local, independent cash house buyers and schedule a home visit. 
  2. Get a fair cash offer for your house. 
  3. Close on your sale in as little as 3 weeks. Of course, we can give you more time if you need it. 

Our easy process has been proven by over 140,000 homeowners who've trusted us to buy their houses. Sell your house to us and walk away with cash.  

When you call 866-200-6475, you can tell our Bexar County, TX, home buyers about your house and why you want to sell it. Our local buyer can answer your questions and explain our 3-step process. When you're ready, you can schedule a free home visit with one of our local property specialists. 

During the visit, you won't be under any obligation to sell your house. Our property specialist can examine your home and consider your unique situation. Afterward, you can get a fair cash offer for your house. 

Get started today! Call us or leave your phone number on our online form to get started on a cash offer! 

Take advantage of our local home buyers' expert knowledge and expertise to sell your house fast and hassle-free!

You're not just another sale.

We are in the business of buying houses, but that's not all we care about. We do want to buy your house, but we also want to make sure we're helping you accomplish your goal. 

Our home buyers have been buying houses since 1996. Over the years, we've learned that everyone who sells a house has a reason. We believe that every time we buy a house, we’re helping a person solve a serious problem. 

When you dial 866-200-6475, feel free to tell our Bexar County, TX, home buyers what problem you're trying to solve and ask what they can do for you. 

We've bought houses from people under a broad range of circumstances:

Our goal is to buy your house and give you the means to find the right answer for your unique situation and move on with your life. 

So call 866-200-6475 to get started on your cash offer, or leave your phone number on our online form. 

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