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Can an executor sell a house without beneficiaries approving it in Texas?

An executor is responsible for distributing estate assets to beneficiaries. In San Antonio, executors have a wide range of responsibilities related to the protection, management, and allocation of these assets according to the terms outlined in a will. In many cases, executors need to sell property contained in the estate to resolve a number of […]

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Safest neighborhoods in San Antonio

It’s no big surprise that some areas of San Antonio are safer than others. Some have better schools, some are safer, some even offer family oriented activities. Since people from around the country are moving to San Antonio we thought it would be nice to offer our expert advice on the different pros & cons of the […]

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5 Ways to Prevent Foundation Cracks and Faults

Maintaining consistent moisture levels is key to preventing foundation cracks and faults. San Antonio is notorious for droughts and dry soil. Soil expansion and contraction is one of the major causes of foundation faults and cracks in San Antonio and surrounding areas. The important thing to remember is keeping the moisture level of the soil […]

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