San Antonio Blog | November 2016

Famous Veterans from Texas: Gene Roddenberry

Gene Roddenberry is a name as famous as George Lucas, and even if you don’t know who he is you’ve hear of his work; Star Trek.  Gene Roddenberry born in El Paso, Texas back in 1921 grew up in the L.A area.  Gene almost died when he was a lad when his family’s home caught […]

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Coldest Winters in San Antonio

San Antonio has been blessed with very mild winters. The transition between fall and winter is typically more gentle than any other city in Texas, even when the city experiences “extremes.” San Antonio has an average of 220 days of sunshine. For San Antonio’s humid and subtropical climate, summers are more of an issue than […]

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How to Protest a Property Tax Increase in San Antonio

Because the state of Texas has no income taxes, the state needs to ensure they are getting tax money from other places. Due to this, the government looks to collect these taxes from property taxes, sales taxes and vehicle taxes. This explains why Texas is has the 4th highest rate of any state. It has […]

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Remodeling Projects That Require a Permit in San Antonio

Being a homeowner means often you end up making a choice whether to hire a contractor or put in the time and hard work to get repairs or remodels addressed. Many larger projects will require a licensed contractor because they are registered with the city of San Antonio and have already acquired the proper permits. […]

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Safest Neighborhoods in San Antonio

It’s no big surprise that some areas of San Antonio are safer than others.  Some have better schools, some are safer, some even offer family oriented activates.  Since people from around the country are moving to San Antonio we thought it would be nice to offer our expert advice on the different pros & cons […]

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