Sell your house fast, without a Realtor®.

Learn how you can get the benefits of selling FSBO (for sale by owner) without the added responsibilities that follow.

Sell your house fast, without a Realtor®.

Learn how you can get the benefits of selling FSBO (for sale by owner) without the added responsibilities that follow.

You can get a free, no-obligation consultation from one of our Orlando house specialists.

We close quickly, sometimes in as little as 3 weeks.

We Buy Ugly Houses® makes selling a house without a Realtor® easy.

Yes, you avoid paying real estate commissions when you sell FSBO (for sale by owner). However, did you know that makes you responsible for attracting home buyers and preparing your house to be “show ready?”

We Buy Ugly Houses® is a home-buying company that purchases your house directly and quickly. There’s no extra work when you sell to us. We buy houses “as is,” meaning it’s not necessary for you to examine your house for repairs, call someone out to fix a water heater, or scrub down your house from top to bottom.

If you’re figuring out how to sell your house without a Realtor®, learn how America’s #1 home buyer can be your fast and easy solution.

We Buy Ugly Houses® is faster than typical home selling.

If you sell a house without a Realtor® while the market is hot or cold, you might experience delays or be forced to lower the price of your property.

You may have to study more about real estate in Orlando, be forced to do marketing by yourself for the house, or need to adjust your pricing if interested buyers are slow to come by or if a potential buyer is asking for repairs to be made that you can’t afford. That's not to mention all the time and money it takes to get a house show ready, like cleaning and cosmetic updates.

In our more than 25 years of home buying, We Buy Ugly Houses has purchased over 140,000 houses fast for all cash from homeowners—even at times the market wasn’t in their favor. 

Our Orlando property specialists visit your house for a free, no-obligation consultation and can sometimes give you a fair cash offer on the spot. If you accept our all-cash offer, we close quickly, often in as little as three weeks. 

We cover typical closing costs and charge no real estate commissions. 

Other local cash buyers can bring you unexpected outcomes.

Yes, rookie home buyers are an option for selling your house without a Realtor®—they’re all over Orlando. But you can lose them as quickly as you find them. If they run into an obstacle that’s too difficult to overcome, it’s likely they could tack on delays to your purchase or even back out altogether. 

With over [claim_houses_purchased] houses purchased, We Buy Ugly Houses® haovercome obstacles with our access to local resources and strong financial backing.  

We understand that one homeowner’s situation isn’t quite the same as the next, and we use our experience to adjust for each unique sale. 

Online buyers are another option, but they tend to keep you at a distance and won’t reach out unless you do it first. Our Orlando specialists won’t hesitate to be the first to inform you about how the purchase of your house is going. 

Online buyers can also surprise you with hidden fees on the day of closing. We Buy Ugly Houses charges absolutely zero surprise fees. You deserve to know exactly what you’re paying for in a timely manner. 

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Sell your Orlando house fast to We Buy Ugly Houses®

With a customer satisfaction rate of [claim_customer_satisfaction]%homeowners walk away happy and satisfied with our fair, fast cash offers. Our Orlando property specialists strive to make sure you feel secure during the process and aren’t shy about informing you about how the purchase of your house is going. 

We Buy Ugly Houses® can be your fast, cash option when you’re selling a house without a Realtor®. We can close quickly, often in as little as three weeks. 

Call 866-200-6475 to get your fair, fast cash offer from one of our Orlando property specialists today! 

We have over 25 years of experience resolving tough situations.

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