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We're not traditional, but we get results.

Your house isn't ugly to us.  

Don't let anyone tell you your house can't sell in its current condition. It can. You can sell your house "as is" in Orlando. Just call one of our local, independent home buyers to get started.

When our local buyer answers the phone, say, I want to sell my home in Orlando. They can take it from there. 

We are a national network of independently owned and operated home buying franchises.

We buy houses for cashꟷperiod. That means we'll give any kind of house a chance. 

If you have a property that has been abandoned, or your current house has suffered wear and tear after years of sheltering you and your family, we can take it off your hands.

When our local, cash home buyer comes to look at your house, don't think stuffy, pretentious open house. Instead, think friendly neighbor who is considering making you a cash offer.

We believe that your house has potential and value. That's why we're willing to offer you a free, no-obligation consultation.

And hey, if your place is still in pristine condition, we want to talk to you too. We're interested in houses of all kinds! 

We can look around and then make you a fair cash offer. It's up to you.

Call us at 866-200-6475 or leave your phone number on our online form to start selling your home in Orlando.

Call We Buy Ugly Houses at 866-200-6475

Time to leave your house

There's a big bright world outside your house, and you don't need to miss any more of it.

Polishing doorknobs, knocking down cobwebs, and snaking drains before showing your house to potential buyers doesn't sound as fun as spending quality time with your favorite people.

You don't have to invest your time and mental energy in trying to find the sweet spot in the market where your house is most likely to sell – not if you don't want to.

We Buy Ugly Houses® Orlando doesn't ask you to do all that work. As far as we're concerned, you can show us your house exactly as it is right now.

We insist on making it easy to sell your home for "as is" in Orlando.

If one of our local, cash home buyers wants to buy your house, they can make you a fair cash offer and close on your deal fast. 

Sometimes they close in as little as 3 weeks, but of course, they can work with your schedule if you need more time.

Think about it! You could sell your house in less than a month and walk away with cash. You don't have to worry about a bank approving a home loan.

Just cash your check and leave your house behind so you can get back to the things you really care about. You can get started today.

Call 866-200-6475 or leave your phone number on our online form to learn how to sell your home in Orlando.

3 steps to freedom

We use our proven process to buy houses fast every year. You could be the next homeowner to reap the benefits.

You're under no obligation to move forward with a sale at any point in the process. You make the decisions. If you decide to sell to someone else, we're not stopping you.

But we think you'll be happy with our method.

  1. Schedule a no-obligation home visit - Our local, cash home buyers can listen to your situation, describe how we buy homes, answer your questions, and schedule time to look at your house either in person or virtually.
  2. Get a cash offer - If our buyer is satisfied with your house and is willing to buy it, they can make you a fair cash offer, one that won't be subject to hidden fees like some other cash buyers.
  3. Close fast - We often close on houses in as little as 3 weeks or longer. We can, of course, work with your schedule if you need more time. We also cover typical closing costs, so you don't have to worry about hidden fees eating into your sale price.

We've used this process to buy more than 140,000 houses across the nation. 

We started buying houses in 1996, and our time-tested model earned us the name America's #1 home buyer.

You can trust us to guide you through a sale successfully. When you make a deal with us, it won't fall through at the last second because of poor planning or preparation.

Selling your house "as is" in Orlando to us is not the traditional way, but it might be the way that works best for you.

Call our trusted buyer and say, I want to sell my home for cash in Orlando. We might be the option you've been looking for!

The number to call is 866-200-6475, or you can fill out our online form to get started on a cash offer in Orlando.

Call We Buy Ugly Houses® at 866-200-6475

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There's no easier way to sell your house in Orlando, FL

When you’ve been in the business this long, you value what really matters. Our sellers. We Buy Ugly Houses has been America’s #1 home buyer since 1996, and it’s all thanks to the more than  140,000 satisfied homeowners who sold their houses to us.

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