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Radon mitigation in Minneapolis homes

If you don’t know already, radon is a nasty gas that you don’t want to have lurking underneath your house. It forms naturally as uranium decays in soil. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, living in a house with high radon levels can increase your risk of developing lung cancer.  That’s […]

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How Gentrification is Affecting Housing Prices in Minneapolis-St. Paul

The effects of gentrification have been on the rise in Minneapolis-St. Paul in recent years. If you’ve been reading the paper, then you know Twin Cities’ rents are rising despite developers adding to inventories. As of May 2020, the average rent in the Twin Cities was $1867. It could have something to do with the […]

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Ugliest Neighborhoods in the Twin Cities

The Twin Cities are known for many things including the Twins, frigid temperatures, and the Mall of America. One thing that this area isn’t known for its ugly neighborhoods. Unfortunately, like any other major metropolitan area, the Twin Cities aren’t immune from ugly neighborhoods. Whittier One of the neighborhoods that has a bad reputation is […]

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2017 Residential Real Estate Outlook for Minnesota

Over the years the value of the residential real estate in Minnesota has changed along with the financial condition of the state. If the state financial health is low, it only stands to reason that the real estate will be affected. The Minnesota government is mandated by law to put together an analyst report, twice […]

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Twin Cities Average Home Price by Neighborhood

There is no feeling in the world better than buying a home. Well, at least very few match or top it how it feels. It’s the moment you realize you have made it. You no longer rent, you own … well, at least in 30 years or so you will own it. You can do […]

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