Jacksonville reviews

We strive to put our clients first, and we’re honored they’ve given us a 95%* customer satisfaction rating.

Jacksonville reviews

We strive to put our clients first, and we’re honored they’ve given us a 95%* customer satisfaction rating.

Our personalized process makes selling simple in Jacksonville. 

We’re experienced, dedicated, and knowledgeable.

We put homeowners at ease when we buy their houses.

We hold the title as America’s #1 home buyer, not just because we buy houses fast, but because we help people during their most difficult times.  

Not everyone has a positive reason for moving on from a house. Some homeowners may be going through a divorce, facing foreclosure, or moving because of an environmental disaster.  

Cleaning and making repairs on a house can have a whole new meaning for someone trying to sell a house that has been flooded, or one that was inherited along with tons of items they're not even sure they should keep.  

We Buy Ugly Houses® is built to make a sale as stress-free as possible. Our property specialists are straightforward when they discuss our selling process and provide consistent customer service.  

We’ve purchased over 140,000 houses and met people from all walks of life. When homeowners have thought getting a second chance or managing the stress of a house was impossible, we have been the Jacksonville house buyer to make it happen.  

Call We Buy Ugly Houses® at 877-605-3059

We can do things traditional methods can’t.

When you sell your house the traditional way, you may deal with: 

  • Talking to several different parties at once (banks, real estate agents, house buyers) 
  • Real estate companies with little experience 
  • Confusing processes that you might not completely understand 

That’s not a problem with We Buy Ugly Houses and is one of the reasons we’re America’s trusted home buyer. Since homeowners are selling directly to a buyer, all the information they need comes straight from the source. 

Many home sellers love that the only thing they need to worry about is signing on the dotted line. We take care of the rest. Some people have other responsibilities to which they want to dedicate their time. We focus on the sale so that you don’t have to. 

Our property specialists are quick to respond to any questions that may come up during the process. They’re transparent about how our process works and guide you throughout the transaction. 

We’re friendly home buyers in the Jacksonville area.    

With a customer satisfaction rate of 95%*, thousands of homeowners were happy that they got exactly what they were looking for—stress-free home buying, an ear to listen to them, and a second chance.  

It’s already nerve-wracking enough to decide what to do with your house, and waiting to hear from potential buyers just adds to the stress. Our fast response time is the first thing many home sellers talk about when asked what made them trust us to be the house buyer to help.   

As America’s #1 home buyer, we make sure you’re being taken care of throughout the entire process. Our property specialists are with you every step of the way, so when you have a question, they make sure it gets answered. They’re experts in the Jacksonville real estate market and use that knowledge to get you a fair cash offer for your house.  

We can come visit your house at your convenience, and you have no obligation to accept our offer. You have nothing to lose, except the worries about your house. 


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