Sell your house "as is" in Jacksonville.

We Buy Ugly Houses®—America’s #1 home buyer

Sell your house "as is" in Jacksonville.

We Buy Ugly Houses®—America’s #1 home buyer

We’re Jacksonville’s local cash home buyers

Avoid the stress—sell your house “as is” for cash.

What does selling “as is” mean?

Are you thinking, “I want to sell my house ‘as is?’” Selling a house “as is” means that you are selling it without cleaning, repairs, or renovations. Most individual buyers want to buy a move-in ready home. When repairs and renovations are needed, it's hard to get buyers interested. Additionally, selling your house “as is” often makes it difficult to find lenders that will finance any interested buyers.

That isn’t a problem when you sell your house to a cash home buyer like We Buy Ugly Houses®.

Why you should consider selling “as is”

There are many reasons why you might want to sell your house “as is” for cash. You might be struggling financially and need the money for bills or medical expenses. Maybe you want to downsize. If it’s time for you and your family to move out of the house, selling it “as is” would allow you to move into a new home, without having to worry about any renovations. Or you could have mounting repair costs that have gotten out of hand. Whatever the case may be, selling a house “as is” can be easy with We Buy Ugly Houses Jacksonville.

Selling your house “as is” should be easy.

If you’re thinking “I want to sell my house ‘as is’”—we can help! 

We buy “ugly” houses, which means that we can buy your house no matter the condition. We don’t care if it needs maintenance or has issues—we will take it off your hands. For over 25 years, we’ve helped people sell their homes “as is” for cash with our easy home-buying process. 

Our free consultation will allow us to learn everything about your property, including any issues it may have had over the years. Our team will work with you through the entire process until we close on your house so that everyone gets exactly what they want from the experience: quick closings, fast cash, and no surprises. 

Our fair, all-cash offer means when you sell to us, you won’t have to worry about lender appraisals or bargaining with buyers. And because we make sure the offer is fair, you’ll be able to focus on what’s important: moving on to the next big thing!

Our fast closing process means that we can close quickly, sometimes in as little as 3 weeks. Don’t worry, though; if you need more time, we are more than happy to work with your schedule. We pay all typical closing costs, and we don’t charge any commissions, so you get to keep all that cash.

Areas we serve near Jacksonville, FL

In addition to Jacksonville, our local independently owned and operated home buyers also help sellers in the surrounding communities.

Contact us today at 866-200-6475 for a free, no-obligation consultation, and get an all-cash offer on your house in Jacksonville! 

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The fastest way to sell your home in Jacksonville

At We Buy Ugly Houses® Jacksonville, we can make you a firm cash offer as soon as possible, one that you can trust and won’t be reduced before closing. Often on our first visit to your house, we can make this kind of offer. We can close in as few as three weeks. You won’t pay any commissions and we pay all normal closing costs.