The Jacksonville, Florida Housing Market 

The Jacksonville, Florida Housing Market 

The red-hot housing market in Jacksonville has started to slow down. 

Jacksonville is the largest city in the sunny state of Florida. This flourishing city has more than 22 miles of white sand beaches, and lots to do. Jacksonville is a water sports and nature lover’s dream, with amazing state parks and the beautiful St. John’s River. For marine life lovers, there are over 100 artificial reefs offshore in the Atlantic that are home to a broad array of colorful fish and sea creatures. 

Jacksonville’s city life is lively with fine restaurants, craft beer, street art, museums, galleries, and great shopping. Jacksonville is also home to several colleges, including the University of North Florida, Flagler College, and Jacksonville University. For such a thriving city, the cost of living is reasonable. 

With so much going for it, it’s no wonder that people across the nation have recently relocated and bought homes in Jacksonville in the last few years. However, the city’s housing market is slowing.

Home sales are slow. 

Jacksonville’s house prices were down 0.96% from December 2021 to December 2022.  

According to Redfin, “On average, homes in Jacksonville sell after 48 days on the market compared to 29 days last year. There were 1,109 homes sold in December this year, down from 1,941 last year.” These trends signify a downward turn in the housing market in Jacksonville. 

Is now a good time to sell your house in Jacksonville? 

Although the market is slowing, the Jacksonville housing market is still a seller’s market, and it’s a good time to sell. Due to the demand for homes, the value of houses is still high.  

But if the downward trend continues, the buyer’s market in Jacksonville won’t last much longer, especially if the forecast of a recession is correct. If you are considering selling your house, it may be more profitable to do so soon.

What is a fast and easy way to sell your house in Jacksonville? 

If you decide to sell your house the traditional way through a real estate agent, remember that selling the conventional way takes a lot of time and money.  

Not only do you have to make repairs and updates to your house, you also must find and hire a good real estate agent, enlist a professional to photograph your house, deep clean the house from top to bottom, declutter and stage your house, and keep your house in spotless condition for showings and open houses.  

After you accept an offer, you must then wait for a home inspection/appraisal, and then for the buyer’s loan to be approved. According to Redfin, the current average time to sell in Jacksonville is 45 days. If you run into problems with the buyer’s loan, negotiations, etc., it could take much longer. To save time, you may want to consider one of the companies that buys houses for cash. 

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Why and how to sell your house to We Buy Ugly Houses® 

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