What happens to a condemned house in Houston?

What happens to a condemned house in Houston?

At some point in time, every homeowner has to deal with a messy house. This could be the result of a slight issue like a having to clean up after a party or something much more severe like having to clean up after a fire.

In cases like the latter, it’s possible that a home can be condemned if its condition is deemed unlivable. In this blog post, we take a look at what the condemnation process is like and examine what happens to condemned homes in Houston.

Why are houses condemned?

The short answer is that a house is condemned if the local government deems that the condition of the house makes it hazardous and/or unsuited for occupation.

The exact reason to have a home condemned can be something like dangerous code violations in the dwelling or, structural problems, pest infestation, or a lack of basic facilities.  The Houston Inspections and Public Service website has a list of common code violations to avoid.

In some rare cases, a home can be condemned and seized as an act of eminent domain. In eminent domain cases, private property is taken by the government so that it can be repurposed for public use.  Examples of eminent domain include a landlord who had his rental properties condemned as part of a downtown revitalizing effort.

What happens to a condemned house?

If there are residents living in the home, they will be given the notice to vacate the house once it has been condemned. In most cases, the residents will be giving a short period in which to comply with this notice. However, in cases where the home presents a clear and present danger, occupants may be required to evacuate immediately.

As part of the process, the home’s owner will be informed of what repairs are needed to make the home livable again. Owners also have the right to challenge the condemnation in court if they so choose.

Can you sell a home that’s been condemned?

As the home’s owner, you can sell a condemned house provided you disclose this status to the buyer. The most difficult part of selling a condemned house is trying to find a buyer who is in a situation where they can buy a home they aren’t allowed to live in. This typically involves working with an investor like the ones at We Buy Ugly Houses® Houston. We’re the #1 home buyer in America and we buy properties "as is," which means you don’t have to worry about making any repairs.

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