The coldest winters on record in Houston

The coldest winters on record in Houston

In this post, we look back at some of the coldest winters on record in Houston.

The Big Freeze

In 1951, the Gulf Coast experienced a devastating freeze that slowed the seafood economy to a halt. This freeze was intense and prolonged, which lead to over 90 million pounds of fish dying. The effects of this brutal winter were long lasting as both commercial and recreational fishing were crippled until the middle of the decade.

Ice skating in a backyard pool

December of 1989 is the coldest month on record in Houston. While the freeze in 1950 stopped people from fishing, the historically low temps of ’89 prevent people from doing just about everything. Backyard swimming pools froze to the point where owners could safely stand on the ice. Fountains froze, and hydrants burst which led to icy and dangerous roadways. Even walking wasn’t safe as pedestrians suffered from broken bones due to slipping on the ever-present ice.

Temperatures dropped all the way to 7 degrees that December, a shocking departure from our usual lows in the high-40s.

Winter storm Kronos

In 2014, the winter storm Kronos hit the gulf coast. Houston, East Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi were all hit pretty hard. There was snow, sleet and freezing rain.

Typical winter weather

Most days during the winter don’t even require a light jacket, although the city is prone to extreme variation in the winter months. Since 1895, it’s only snowed 35 times in Houston, which works out to an average of once every ten years. We did see a white Christmas during the 2004 North American winter storm, so perhaps we’re due for another soon.

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