Most Popular House Styles in Dallas

Most Popular House Styles in Dallas

If you’re looking to buy a new house in the Dallas area, you’re going to need a crash course in home styles. Are you going to go with a Craftsman or Traditional? These are just a few of the many styles that are available to you as a buyer in Dallas. Let’s break down a few of the most popular.


In Dallas and throughout the country, Craftsman style homes are still a very common home design. They’ve stood the test of time because of the well laid-out designs and highly functional floor plans.

These homes can be a bit boxy, but the emphasis on outdoor space, such as porches and verandas, function to extend the living space. The overhanging eaves offer shelter from the sun and rain. Come August in Dallas, you’re going to be glad you have those eaves!

Another reason for the popularity of Craftsman homes in North Texas is that the design increases natural airflow. Typically these homes are built from a mix of “craft” materials such as Stone and wood, giving the home its name.


Driving around Dallas, the home style you are most likely to see is the classic Ranch. This regional style originated in the Southwest and can now be found throughout the country. These homes were originally used as housing on ranches, so they have a deep connection to the Lone Star State.

The ranch house gained popularity in Dallas after World War II as the City’s population boomed and demand for large and informal housing grew. These homes are perfect for families.

Ranch homes are typically single-story houses with sprawling layouts and long, low riding roofs. They range in size, sometimes as large as 2,000 square feet. Current development trends don’t favor Ranch styles as much these days, but for Dallas residents of a particular era, these homes will always hold a place in their hearts.


The Southern-style home is popular in Dallas for obvious reasons. It was developed to ease the hot and humid Southern climate. These homes usually include design elements that take meant to facilitate natural airflow to allow for the breeze to flow throughout the house. Hence the predominance of elevated living levels, wrap-around porches, and large shutters to keep out the sun.

Mediterranean style

Dallas is in the midst of the McMansion trend sweeping the nation. Many of these homes are in the grand Mediterranean style, and in Texas, this means some pretty sizeable houses!

Traditionally these homes have a focus on outdoor spaces, such as patios, courtyards, and verandas to allow for cooling breezes to move through the home. Given the size of many of these homes in the Dallas area today, cooling responsibilities are taken over by high-powered air conditioning systems, but even the Dallas McMansion in the Mediterranean style still incorporates various outdoor spaces.

When it comes to home styles, Dallas is representative of the main styles of the Southwest. Even as new development increases throughout the Dallas area, these classic home styles prevail.