Dallas Winter Driving Conditions

Dallas Winter Driving Conditions

Wondering what Dallas’ winter driving conditions are like right now? Check the map below for current Dallas traffic.

Winter driving in Dallas is fairly easy, but it does have its rough spots. Our region is prone to ice storms, which are about as fun as they sound.

Instead of fluffy, crunchy snowfalls turning our beloved Metroplex into a winter wonderland, we usually get about one or two ice storms a year. They sneak in like regular old rainfalls, but the freezing temperatures cause that water to freeze into a sheet of slick ice overnight.

The weight of all of that ice can tear down trees and knock out power lines. It’s not fun to remove from your car in the morning, and it’s even less fun to drive on.

That’s why it’s important to check the driving conditions before starting your commute — that way you know whether or not to stay home.

Dallas driving resources

frozen car door handle

Not what we want to see on our cars first thing in the morning (Photo courtesy).

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  • TxDOT Traffic Cameras — What better way to see what your commute will be like than actually seeing what it’s like out there? Cameras on highways throughout town give viewers a look at how things are flowing.
  • Dallas Traffic Crashes — MyFoxDFW runs a pretty up-to-date map with all of the traffic incidents in the city.