Real Estate Reality TV Shows Today

Real Estate Reality TV Shows Today

Real Estate Reality TV Shows Today

Reality TV has taken over prime-time viewing hours, and two formats have taken over reality TV; Singing competition and Real Estate.  No two reality TV formats have more shows based on their concepts.  Real estate reality TV for example has programs that help first time buyers purchase houses, re-design houses, build houses for heroes, selling houses, you name it it’s probably out there.

Some of the top real estate reality TV shows out there are ‘Flip that House’, ‘House Hunters’, ‘Moving Up’, and ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.”  One of the theories behind the popularity of real estate reality TV shows is that everyone can relate to finding a home, building a dream home, or simple moving into a new neighborhood.  The shows that feature dream properties often attract the viewers on an inspirational level.

Behind the Curtain

However those dream homes aren’t all they present themselves to be.  A couple from Texas that was featured on House Hunters ended up becoming whistle-blowers as they revealed that the houses they toured were all staged, and not even on the market.  The show’s producers just wanted to showcase nice homes that people could look at, but the reality was the show was scrambling to find properties for sale similar to the ones they were showing on camera.

It isn’t a secret these days that most reality TV shows are “produced” rather than documented.  Viewers don’t really care if their real estate shows are real or not though, because they’re watching the journey of the folks, and not the details.  In fact most of the details of the home buying process are skipped altogether.

In real life it takes several months before closing on a home, but the entire process is wrapped up neatly in a 22 minute episode.  The items skipped and left on the cutting room floor is choosing an agent, working with inspectors, mortgage applications, and more.  Unfortunately there just isn’t a way to make many of the mundane steps in home purchases entertaining enough for television.
Useful Tips

Though there is one area of real estate reality TV that has helped both home buyers and home sellers; showings.  Whenever a potential home buyer walks into a new home on a reality TV show the home itself is well lit, clean, tidy, and looks presentable.  The reality behind showings is you might have babies crying in the background, dirty laundry sitting in the corner, and a dark kitchen thanks to a broken light bulb.  But real estate reality TV puts pressure on sellers to tidy up their homes to make them just as presentable as the homes on TV.

Real estate on reality TV might not be completely 100% truthful but that doesn’t mean it isn’t useful.  One key speed bump that all first time home buyers must go through is narrowing down their ‘needs’ from their ‘wants.’ Reality TV provides examples of folks having to go through those same steps, and can be a good influence on those purchasing a home.  Gaining tips like the needs vs wants is just one of the many examples given to home buyers.  People can hone in on their expectations, discover their limitations, and learn the process for pre-approved loans.

The good thing about reality TV in the real estate industry is it allows you to see the pros and cons of home buying.  Viewers are exposed to real conversations about buying a home, and learn that compromise is a key ingredient in home purchases.  So go sit down, pick up the remote, and tour a house with a TV crew.  You’ll be surprised how fun it is to vicariously purchase a home through the eyes of reality TV.

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