Why Can’t Michael Jordan Sell His Home?

Why Can’t Michael Jordan Sell His Home?

When most people decide to sell their homes, they call up a Realtor, put a sign in the front yard and go from there.

But what do you do when you’re a basketball legend trying to sell $15-million-dollar house?

If you’re Michael Jordan, you get your real estate agent to create a series of MTV Crib-style videos to promote all over the web. It’s a bold tactic, but only time will tell if this move is a slam dunk or an air ball for MJ.

If you’re in the market for a new mansion AND a huge Bulls fan, be sure to check the house out both online and in person.

Start Your Legend

When you visit StartYourLegend23.com, you’re greeted with beautiful photos and gorgeous HD videos inviting you to take a tour of the estate and “Start Your Legend”.

The typical real estate description mentions the number of bedrooms and baths plus any recent updates to the home. Of course, there’s nothing typical about this home, even the description:

“NBA superstar Michael Jordan has changed the face of basketball forever […] Jordan reached the top of his game through hard work and tireless dedication to his sport. It’s only fitting, then, that the property owned by such a man should be just as legendary.”

Everything about the presentation makes it clear that this is far from the ordinary home or even the “ordinary” ginormous mansion.

But Will It Sell?

Now, let’s be clear: this house is one-of-a-kind gorgeous.

But…that may be the exact reason it’s not selling.

Homebuyers don’t want somebody else’s house – they want THEIR house. And right now, everything in this home screams “Michael Jordan lives here!”

Sure, there are tons of people watching from the sidelines who think they’d love the chance to buy this house, but when $15 million dollars is actually in your budget, you tend to be a bit more particular about what you want.

A home gym and basketball court sound nice, but what if you don’t want the Air Jordan logo emblazoned over every surface or a giant 23 welded on your front gate?

The videos and media blitz are certainly attracting publicity, but it remains to be seen if this tactic produces serious buyers.

This just goes to show you that even beautiful houses can be slow to sell. So, what do you do if you need to sell an “ugly” house? Just get a quote from We Buy Ugly Houses and you might sell your home faster than Michael Jordan!

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