How Bad Neighbors Can Wreck the Sale of Your Home

How Bad Neighbors Can Wreck the Sale of Your Home

When it comes to selling a home fast, most homeowners focus on things that they can control – cleaning up, taking great photos, etc.  But when it comes to finding a home to purchase, potential buyers take all sorts of things into consideration including location. The location includes more than just where your home is on a map; it also includes the general look and feel of your specific location. Like it or not, your neighborhood and your neighbors can have a large impact on how quickly your home sells. Buying a house with bad neighbors can end up wrecking your chances of selling in the future. Here are some of the ways bad neighbors can wreck the sale of your home and what you can do about it.

The Nosy Neighbor

There are times when having an attentive neighbor pays off. For example, if you’re out of town, and they notice someone suspicious snooping around your home. Of course, there’s a potential downside to this as well. It’s proper etiquette for the seller to leave the home during showings, and if you have a nosy neighbor, they can swoop in while you’re away and influence potential buyers. There’s also the fact that many open houses are attended by neighbors with zero intention to buy. If you’re on good terms with the people in your neighborhood, a nosy neighbor is no more than a minor annoyance. However, if your relationship is strained, they could try to sabotage the sale of your home.

The Noisy Neighbor

It could be loud music, a constantly barking dog, or even something as startling as loud and angry arguments that classify a neighbor as noisy. No matter what’s causing the noise, having this type of bad neighbor is bad news.

When buyers look for potential homes, what they’re really looking for is a sanctuary. Not everyone can afford to buy an isolated castle surrounded by a moat, but most people do expect a certain amount of peace and quiet within their homes. Home showings are all about making a good first impression, and a noisy neighbor can complete upset your chances to make a positive impression on buyers.

The Messy Neighbor

Like the Noisy Neighbor, the Messy Neighbor can come in many different forms. Sometimes it’s as simple someone having a lawn that needs mowing, or it could be that the entire house is in need of repair.

In either case, what’s true is that the state of your neighbor’s house does impact the value of your home. It doesn’t matter how well-kept your property is if the house next door is a total sty. Like them or not, this is the very reason homeowners’ associations exist. If your community doesn’t have an association, the sale of your home may suffer simply because your neighbor’s house is a mess.

What you can do

The first step in these cases is always talking to your neighbor and calmly discussing the problem. It could be that they aren’t aware that their behavior is bothering anyone else. Be diplomatic and try to find a win-win solution that makes everyone happy. Use your best judgment and try to properly assess the situation before calling on the authorities.

If it gets to that point, don’t immediately go to the police unless the situation absolutely calls for it. Contact your HOA first if you have one, or the local government’s city or zoning department. If you’re in the middle of selling your home, discuss the issue with your agent. They may have a solution or at the very least they’ll be able to give buyer’s agents a heads up about the issue.

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