We Buy Ugly Houses Blog | June 2017

12 DIY pest control tips to pest-proof your home against rodents and bugs

The average house in the U.S. serves as the unwilling home to more than 100 different species of pests. Mice, insects and spiders constantly crawl inside your home looking for food and a place to nest. Besides biting and stinging you, spreading disease, and laying eggs, these pests can even cause structural damage to your […]

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Selling a House With Lead Paint

How to sell a house with lead paint. Lead is so harmful to your health that lead based paint was banned in the United States in 1978. If your house was built before then, it probably still contains some lead paint. Finding the lead paint and removing it can be expensive, but you do have […]

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Selling a House With Code Violations

Can you sell a home that isn’t up to code? If your home has seen its fair share of handyman work or DIY home improvement projects over the years, chances are you have some hidden residential building code violations. Even if those problems were caused by a previous owner, you could be on the hook […]

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