Sell your house "as is" in Tampa.

We Buy Ugly Houses®─America's #1 home buyer

Sell your house "as is" in Tampa.

We Buy Ugly Houses®─America's #1 home buyer

 How to sell a house "as is"  

We can buy your house without hassles.

No more housework! 

Your house is just fine the way it is. Don't worry if other home buyers aren't willing to buy it unless you put in hundreds or thousands of dollars of repairs and renovations. That's just them.

We don't need you to do all that extra work. Instead, sell your house fast "as is" to our local home buyers in the Tampa metro and surrounding communities. We are a national network of independently owned and operated home-buying franchises. 

Our local Tampa home buyers know a good house when they see one. They can use their local knowledge and expertise to see past the flaws in a house.

Your house gave you, your friends, and your family shelter and comfort. It can do the same for another family. Our buyers recognize that and are proud to be part of that story.  

So put down your paintbrush; don't call that contractor. It's time you stopped spending money on your house. Instead, you deserve to cash in on all the hard work you've put into it over the years.

Call our trusted home buyers at 866-200-6475, or leave your phone number on our online form to get started on a cash offer. 

Call We Buy Ugly Houses® at 866-200-6475

We Buy Ugly Houses beats out traditional listings, online buyers, and local flippers

3 steps to sell anywhere

We have expert, local home buyers living and working near you! You can call us to sell your house "as is" in Tampasell your house "as is" in St. Petersburg, and even sell your house "as is" in Sarasota.

Our buyers are not hundreds of miles away looking at photos of your house on a computer screen. They're your neighbors, and they care about your community.  

Call 866-200-6475 today and get started on your cash offer, or leave your phone number on our online form.  

We're serious. You don't have to dress up your house to get us on board. Instead, when you call our trusted buyers, they'll explain our proven process to sell your house "as is" in 3 easy steps.  

1. Schedule a free house visit with no obligations attached.  

2. Get a fair cash offer to sell your house "as is" in Tampa. 

3. Close quickly, sometimes in as little as 3 weeks, or later if that's better for you. We can work with your schedule.  

Most people shopping for a house are less likely to buy if your house isn't move-in ready. They might not have the money to renovate and turn the property into their dream home.  

But that's okay. We aren't afraid to fix the things you can'finish, so stop stressing over home improvement projects. Instead, look ahead to the life you can have in your new house. We want to buy your house "as is," and we'll make it easy.  

Contact our professional cash home buyers today and sell your house fast "as is" in Tampa.

First step to a fresh start

Call the movers! After you get a fair cash offer from one of our cash home buyers, you could be ready to leave your problems behind with cash in hand in as little as 3 weeks.  

That's what it's all about. We buy houses fast "as is" because we want our sellers to find easy solutions to the problems that led them to put their houses up for sale.  

Yes, we are a business, but for us, good business is leaving our customers satisfied and in a better place than where we found them.

Thousands of homeowners have trusted our local buyers to make them a fair cash offer and close fast. So pack your bags and get ready; your fresh start is just around the corner. 

Call 866-200-6475 to sell your house fast , or leave your phone number on our online form.   

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