What Happens to a Condemned House in San Antonio?

What Happens to a Condemned House in San Antonio?

Everyone has their own opinion on what makes a home safe, including the government. When the government decides a home is unsafe, that means it is deemed unfit for occupants to live in, and the home faces the risk of becoming condemned.

No one is allowed to live in a condemned home, which can be an issue for both owners and occupants. Discover more about the condemnation process and what happens to condemned houses in San Antonio below.

Why are houses condemned?

There are a variety of reasons why a house may be condemned, including:

  • The building has been vacant and boarded up for an extended period of time.
  • Utilities in the home have been shut off.
  • Inspectors can also condemn a house because of fire hazards, unsanitary conditions, a severe pest infestation, or dilapidation.

It’s also possible for livable homes to become condemned if they are built in areas that are designated for public use.  This would be an example of eminent domain, which grants the government power to take private property based on the location of the property. You can read more about residential and building codes at the San Antonio Code Enforcement website.

How does a house become condemned?

To start the condemnation process, a local building inspector or government official must inspect a home and deem it unlivable. In order to give the current occupants time to find replacement housing, the inspection will typically order that the home is fully vacated after a 1 to 30-day period.

The owner will be informed of what repairs are necessary to make the home livable again. If the repairs are completed before the vacate date, the order to vacate will be canceled provided is passes inspection. In most jurisdictions, the owner of a property has the right to challenge the order to vacate in court.

Is it possible to sell a condemned home?

It is possible to sell a house that has been condemned if you retain ownership of it. However, it’s rare to find buyers who have the funds necessary to repair the home and make it livable. Even buyers who are looking for a fixer upper will probably be turned off by the fact that they legally can’t live in a condemned home while making repairs to it.

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