The best San Antonio moving companies

The best San Antonio moving companies

With temperatures creeping up into the 100s, it just doesn’t make much sense to be packing and hauling your boxes into a moving truck by yourself. If you’re about to move, it pays to have someone else do the heavy lifting for you.

But who should you pay to do it?

That’s one of the toughest parts of finding a moving company in San Antonio. It’s not to say that most are unreliable, but it’s that, when it comes to all of your stuff, you want to be absolutely sure that nothing is going to wind up getting broken or go missing.

Here’s a look at some of our favorite moving companies in the Alamo City.

Almighty Movers

The buff Tweety bird on its logo is no joke. The movers from Almighty work hard and have a good time while doing it. The customer service is courteous and friendly, and the job gets done quickly.

Almighty Movers covers a range of moves, from long-distance hauls across Texas to spur-of-the-moment trips across town. They handle loading and unloading, and they provide same-day service, just in case the other moving company didn’t show up.

Mustard Seed Movers

Moving companies are often staffed with part-time or contract labor. It means the job gets done, but there’s no motivation to do it well.

That’s not the case with Mustard Seed Movers. The company’s owner, Andrew Sengler, personally assists on most moves, and it’s not an exaggeration that the movers at Mustard Seed literally run as they work.

They handle all types of residential and commercial moves, including loading and unloading. Rates are clearly posted on the website, so it’s easy to shop around and there are no surprises come move day.

Half Price Movers

Just like the name implies, Half Price Movers is all about good deals. Direct your browser to their website, where there is always a list of advertised specials available on the homepage.

Finding a good mover involves some legwork, so the easy pricing simplifies the price comparison process. The service is fast and courteous, and Half Price handles moves anywhere from Austin all the way down to Corpus Christi.

3 Men Movers

It’s almost always a better idea to choose a locally owned moving company. Compared to franchises of larger companies, the management is tied to the success in the local market and the workers usually have a much larger stake in the company’s success.

That means the job gets done better, and that’s certainly the story with 3 Men Movers. They’re a family business that has been in San Antonio for almost 30 years, moving residents and businesses around town and throughout the state.

They also handle high rise and large estate moves, as well as packing, unpacking, and storage.

*Updated May 2020. Originally published in July 2014.