See the Amazing Transformation We Made to this San Antonio Area Home

See the Amazing Transformation We Made to this San Antonio Area Home

Our job is a lot of fun, and one of the most rewarding parts is taking an older house that has fallen into disrepair and giving it new life.

That’s exactly what we showed the crew from Great Day SA this week. They paid a visit to our very own Kenneth and Toni Lott, who took viewers on a tour through a recently renovated San Antonio-area home.

We won’t pull any punches here — things looked bad when we moved in.

Rooms were filled with junk. The floors were covered with trash and debris. There was even a feral cat colony that had taken up residence in there. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before, but it was also enough to send most other home buyers running.

We moved in and gave the house a total makeover.

From the brand new, modern kitchen cabinets and appliances to the beautifully landscaped yards, we transformed this house. It used to be an ugly burden on its owner and the neighborhood, and now it’s something a new family can be proud to call home.

Before the tour gets underway, we take viewers through the We Buy Ugly Houses process. It starts with a free in-home estimate, then we pay cash for the property and can often close in 30 days.

That might be the second most rewarding part of the job. We make the process fast and easy, so homeowners can unload their burdensome properties, and we can get to work making them shine again.

By the end, our neighbors were thanking us for our work on the house and helping improve the neighborhood.

Take a look at the transformation we made


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after pic 1

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