Safest neighborhoods in San Antonio

Safest neighborhoods in San Antonio

It’s no big surprise that some areas of San Antonio are safer than others. Some have better schools, some are safer, some even offer family oriented activities. Since people from around the country are moving to San Antonio we thought it would be nice to offer our expert advice on the different pros & cons of the neighborhoods around San Antonio.  So check out our list below and find the best neighborhood for you and your family.

Alamo Heights

One of the more popular neighborhoods around San Antonio.  A tight knit community with enjoyable quaint streets.  The area is centrally located and has a combination of historical and luxurious features.  The area has great shopping options from both large chains and small but upscale stores.  The heart of Alamo Heights is Broadway which always has an abundance of people.  The area has an excellent school district and a high safety rating.  All of these features combine to make Alamo Heights one of the biggest draws for families.

Terrell Hills

Neighboring Alamo Heights, Terrell Hills is a great neighborhood for moving families.  Also in the North east Independent School District with Alamo Heights, the two have excellent school options.  But what separates the two is Terrell Hills is an actual city with its own police force, and fire department.  Your kids will love all the parks located throughout the city, plus the city has homes in all price ranges.

Olmos Park

Olmos Park is an upscale neighborhood with a bunch of historical homes.  The neighborhood has a lot to offer families with a great school district.  The area boasts a number of mature trees that hang over the streets.  The area also is bustling with businesses, eateries, and stores.  There are also a number of good parks to enjoy which also have annual events, parades, and concerts.

Stone Oak

A northern neighborhood in San Antonio, Stone Oak is a fast growing community.  There are a ton of amenities to include pools, gyms, stores, restaurants, and more all within a 10 minute drive.  Most of the homes are well manicured, and many are within gated communities for that extra bit of security.  Plus, kids will be going to one of the best school districts in the city.

Shavano Park

Another northern community Shavano Park is one of the safest neighborhoods in the region.  The home prices are extremely affordable compared to other San Antonio neighborhoods, plus there is no shortage of children for your kids to play with.  There is a large number of single family homes, apartments and condos.  The local high school also has a top rated athletics program for teens.

Castle Hills

One of the centrally located neighborhoods in San Antonio, Castle Hills has been around since the 1920s.  The area has a vast dwelling of single family homes and safe streets.  The location is just minutes from everything in San Antonio to include the airport, Six Flags amusement park, and the Sea World downtown.


Just outside of San Antonio is a community founded by German settlers.  This community has many families within it, and an old town district feel that’s perfect for late night walks.  The home prices and sizes vary which make it an easy place to find a home that’s perfect for you.  Plus the neighborhood has one of the top rated schools in the area that attracts a number of young families.