Remodeling projects that require a permit in San Antonio

Remodeling projects that require a permit in San Antonio

Being a homeowner means often you end up making a choice whether to hire a contractor or put in the time and hard work to get repairs or remodels addressed. Many larger projects will require a licensed contractor because they are registered with the city of San Antonio and have already acquired the proper permits. Any home owner can get a building permit to begin their own remodeling projects. Many projects in San Antonio do require a permit. Any electrical work in San Antonio needs to be completed by a licensed contractor. Keep in mind that the person who takes out the permit is assuming the liability if the project does not meet building codes, which is another reason homeowners choose to hire contractors.

Here are some common remodeling projects that will require a permit in San Antonio:

1. Installing a fence

If the fence you are installing is brand new, it will require a permit. If you are simply repairing a fence, it will not usually require a permit, depending on how damaged the fence is. If the total repair is more than 25% of the continuous length of the fence, then a permit will be required. Special division approvals may be required before the permit can be issued in certain areas. These areas include corner lots, historic districts, flood zones, vacant lots and overlay or conservation district areas. Luckily, the fee to install a residential fence is only $26.50 in San Antonio.

2. Repairing or replacing a roof

A permit will be required in San Antonio to repair or replace a roof. There are two different re-roof permit applications depending on if you plan on changing the pitch of the roof. The application will also ask if the roof repair or replacement was a result of termite damage.

3.Foundation repairs

A permit is required for foundation repairs in San Antonio. If the work was started before the application was submitted, the city of San Antonio can charge a double fee. The application must also be signed and stamped by a professional engineer.

4. Building a deck

In most cases a permit will be required to build a deck in San Antonio. There are some circumstances where a permit is not required. The deck must meet four requirements to be exempt from the permit. They are: 1. The deck is not attached to a dwelling. 2. The deck is smaller than 200 square feet in one area. 3. The deck is less than 30 inches above grade at any point. 4. The deck is not the exit to a dwelling.

Keep in mind that it is also important to consider where your home is located before you can begin your remodeling project without obtaining a permit. If your home is in a Corridor, Neighborhood Conservation, or Historic District there may be further restrictions due to preservation of those areas. These projects will sometimes require special permissions from the Office of Historic Preservation before they can be planned. It is always recommended that you check with the city of San Antonio before planning any remodeling that requires heavy construction. More resources can be found on the City of San Antonio website.

If you are wondering whether you need a permit for your remodeling project, it is always better to be safe and find out for sure beforehand. If you end up trying to sell your home later and it doesn’t meet building code, you can find yourself in a lot of trouble.

If you find yourself with too many costly repairs in your home, there are other options. Call us to sell your house fast and "as is" with no repairs or remodels needed.