Most popular house styles in San Antonio

Most popular house styles in San Antonio

San Antonio is known throughout the country for it’s rich history of colorful, striking, and extraordinary architectural styles. Like the other big cities in Texas, one can find homes that range in styles from contemporary to Victorian classic. If you’re looking to buy a home, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the variety of home style options that are represented throughout the city.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of some of the most significant home styles that you’ll want to start thinking about.

The southern style

The southern style home has been perfectly adapted for the San Antonio climate of heat, humidity, and scorching temperatures in the summer. To facilitate natural airflow, these homes will typically have large operable shutters, and, perhaps most characteristically, a grand wrap-around porch, often with several charming rocking chairs placed out front. All of these elements extend the living areas to the exterior spaces of the home, allowing for plenty of room to enjoy fresh air during the warm months. These homes are similar to the plantation style of the southeast, and often have the monumental columns at the doorway that have come to define that particular style of home.

In San Antonio, these homes typically have stayed in the family for generations, maintaining the look and style that appeared in the area at the time of America’s westward migration.

The traditional style

As you head through town, you’ll also find many instances of traditional style homes. Typically, these homes tend to be a mixture of various styles as opposed to a unique style of its own. They are very prevalent in Suburban America, and that goes for San Antonio as well. Traditional style homes take influences from other styles of homes, including Colonial, Craftsman, and Ranch-Rambler style homes.

European style

The European style home takes its inspiration from the classic architecture of Italy, France, and England. In San Antonio, many European style homes spare no expense. They are often quite large, often taking on the characteristics of the “McMansion” craze. Features of these homes include marble floors, large centerpiece fireplaces, and grand stairways.  Outside the home wood, stone, and plaster work to strike a balance between elegance and functionality. These two components of the European-style have captivated San Antonio homeowners since the early days of the city.


In the historic King William District, there are numerous old Victorian style homes. Originally farmland, this area became developed by prominent German merchants In the 1840s. They began building mansions in the Greek Revival Victorian End Italianate styles.

The Alamo City is undoubtedly a hodgepodge of home styles all working together to create a unique and one-of-a-kind architectural landscape. If you are looking to buy a home in San Antonio, you’ll have no shortage of home styles from which to choose. Whatever the style, never forget it all boils down to “location, location, location!” Thankfully, in San Antonio, you can find plenty of home styles regardless of location.