How to get your real estate license in San Antonio

How to get your real estate license in San Antonio

San Antonio’s real estate market is bustling. With residential sales growing each month, if you’ve ever thought about becoming a real estate agent, now’s the time. But before you can start selling those mansions in Summerglen, you’re going to have to get your license. Here’s what you’re going to have to do to get it.

1. Find a school

First, you’ve got to find a Real Estate school that’s accredited by the Texas Real Estate Commission.

Check out the real estate School at Sabor. They’re one of the oldest real estate schools in the country, dating back to the original San Antonio Board of Realtors® in 1920. They’re the oldest and the best in town. They have an excellent program in Residential Real Estate that meets all the requirements of the Texas Real Estate Commission as well as the requirement for the Statutory Annual Education (SAE) requirement.

2. Start studying

To sit for the real estate license exam, you’ll have to complete 180-course hours of education. Yes, it’s a quite a commitment. The good news, though, is that it does go by quite quickly, and most schools offer flexible schedules.

The coursework is broken down like this:

1. Principles of real estate (60 hours)
2. Law of agency (30 hours)
3. Law of contracts (30 hours)
4. Real estate finance (30 hours)

3. Check your background

Do you have a criminal record? Have you defaulted on any student loans? Well if so, you’re not going to be eligible for licensure. Head over to the TREC website to apply for the background check. It’ll run you 97 bucks.

4. Apply for an inactive license

If your record’s clean, you’ll have to fill out an Application for Inactive Sales Agent License. There’s a $205 fee to submit this form, which is available from the Texas Real Estate Commission.

5. Fingerprinting

That’s right, more stuff to make sure you’re not an outlaw. You’ll have to get fingerprinted. Go to to see how to go about this.

6. Take the exam

Next, you’ll register for the exam, either online, or through the TREC exam phone number at +1-800-997-1248.

On the day of the exam, bring two legal forms of identification, both with your legal name. Most people bring a driver’s license or state ID and passport.

Make sure to get there as early as you can. Unless you’re a math genius, bring a calculator. The questions involving math can be tricky. You have to finish the exam in four hours.

Once you pass, you’ll get your Inactive License from the state of Texas.

7. Find a brokerage, and get to work!

Next you’ll have to start looking for a sponsoring brokerage.

Make sure to find a brokerage that provides plenty of training, support, and maybe most importantly, quality leads.

Once the brokerage files the necessary paperwork with the TREC verifying that they are indeed sponsoring you, you’ll get your physical license card, and you’ll be able to get to work!

Hey, isn’t Tony Parker looking for a new place? Now that you’ve got your license, he could be your next client.