Christmas lights around San Antonio

Christmas lights around San Antonio

The one time of year where a house can be completely covered in lights and cause chaos for an entire block is Christmas. Houses around the country go all out with their Christmas joy when it comes to lights, decorations or simply the entire “feel” of the house. The individuals that shine their love for Christmas from their yard to their rooftop are some of the best examples of the reason for the season.

In San Antonio, Texas, Christmas cheer is never in short supply. To the historic lit-up Riverwalk and parade to places a little more close to home.

Ed Clark’s Christmas House

Nestled in the northeast side of San Antonio is the home of Ed Clark, a true example of Christmas cheer. Ed Clark started his Christmas decorating in memory of his wife, who died in 1983. Clark’s wife loved Christmas and decorated every year, so in honor of her, he keeps the house decorated year-around. The entire house is covered with lights and each interior room is covered with Christmas displays. Clark’s house has become a Christmas tradition for families all over the city. Although Ed Clark died in February of 2013, his love for Christmas shines on as his son continues his work and lets people come see the house every Christmas.

Windcrest Light-Up Show

The small city of Windcrest, which is precisely 1.8 square miles, sits within the San Antonio metro area and holds some of the best Christmas displays in the area. The residents of Windcrest decorate their houses with extraordinary light displays every year and are very dedicated to the tradition as contests are held in various categories for the best light displays. The lights are lit during mid-December and stay alive until New Year’s Day, which gives people plenty of time to come and marvel at their work. Anyone visiting San Antonio will have a hard time finding a better demonstration of Christmas spirit as every house in Windcrest lights up for the holidays.

The Christmas House Bed and Breakfast

Although this charming B&B is not covered in Christmas lights or bells, it holds a true and genuine charm that is only found during the holidays. The outside design looks as if it came straight from Charles Dickens himself. Built in 1908, The Christmas House B&B offers a warm festive atmosphere for the holiday season. Visitors will find antique treasures, Christmas ornaments, angels and old time decorations around every corner. For an authentic old-fashioned Christmas, it is hard to beat.

People all over the country look forward to holiday festivities every year. Even in November, it is hard to ignore the feeling of Christmas in the air. The holiday season would be nothing without decorations, which San Antonio holds dearly in more ways than one.