Real Estate Scams In Orlando

Real Estate Scams In Orlando

Real estate property fraud in Orlando 

There have always been swindlers and thieves among us. But over the last few years, it seems that scammers are multiplying, and the stakes are higher than ever. If you are selling your house in Orlando, it’s important to be aware of the scams out there. Take the case of Tabria Josey, for example, who was arrested last year after swindling nearly $300,000 from over 45 victims in 6 counties in Florida with elaborate real estate scams.  

Josey posed as different property owners, listing strangers’ houses for sale online. When someone committed to buying, she then impersonated a title agent. According to Spectrum News 13, “As part of the scheme, she is accused of creating fictitious title companies, websites, title agent identities, and unique email addresses making the sale appear legitimate.” 

Real estate fraud in Orlando: escrow wire scammers 

When selling a house in Orlando, be aware of one of the more frequent housing scams: wire fraud. The people who do this are becoming much more sophisticated, and it’s sometimes difficult for even professional real estate agents to spot.  

Wire fraud happens when a scammer sends you a text or email, or even calls your phone pretending to be from your title company. They’ll give you instructions on where to wire your escrow funds or other money. To avoid being swindled, look up your title company online and contact them directly to verify that it’s really them contacting you. 


Foreclosure relief scams in Orlando 

There are several ways people can scam you if you are facing foreclosure. Someone may promise you that they can get you help to stop your foreclosure, but you need to pay them a fee or deposit to get started. No matter how they try to cheat you, they will either demand money to stop the foreclosure or suggest that you sign over the deed and buy back the house later. Don’t fall for it. In all real estate transactions, do research and ask a lot of questions to avoid being scammed

If you need help avoiding a foreclosure, contact We Buy Ugly Houses®. We may be able to help you by buying your house fast and in “as is” condition, thus avoiding a huge credit blow for you that a foreclosure would cause. We pay cash for houses, so you’ll have the funds to get a new start. 

Avoid a “we buy houses” scam by selling to We Buy Ugly Houses®

Although there are legitimate house investors in our city, unfortunately there are also a few shady “cash for houses” scams in Orlando. To avoid being a victim of a scam, rely on We Buy Ugly Houses. We have been in business a long time—since 1996, in fact. During that time, we have bought over 140,000 houses across the nation and helped thousands of people out of difficult situations. We can help you, too. 

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