The 3 best haunted houses in the Twin Cities

The 3 best haunted houses in the Twin Cities

When it comes to Halloween, haunted houses are the places to be in the Twin Cities area. Here are our picks for the scariest of attractions that offer the greatest amount of frightening fun.


Molitor’s Haunted Acres

If you don’t mind a short drive from St. Paul, head to the eeriest piece of property in Central MN. This haunted attraction has been happening for the last 17 years and shows no sign of shutting down anytime soon. They are highly experienced at scaring visitors, and their cast of ghouls, ghosts, and goblins will be sure to get you screaming.

If you have the courage, you can head to the hayride on the Wagon of Doom, where you’ll ride through the Woods of Darkness. Look out for madmen, killers, and creeps that inhabit this dark forest. You’ll have to be on guard at each and every turn. You may even run into some classic horror luminaries such as Jason, Leatherface, and Freddie Krueger.

Dreadwood Haunted Forest

While we’re in the realm of the haunted forest, you can head over to Hudson, Wisconsin, just over the border from the Twin Cities. This is a secluded forest, and when nighttime comes, it’s the real deal in horror—dark, unknown, and deeply frightening. You’ll be guided down a dirt path half a mile into the wilderness where you’ll be met with your worst nightmares.

You’ll be utterly confused, chased and stalked by the creeps that inhabit the dark chasm that is the Dreadwood Haunted Forest. There is no escape, as you will get lost if you stray from the path.

In the Twin cities, find your horrific thrills at your own risk this Halloween. There are some great attractions where you’ll beg for mercy on All Hallows Eve!

*Updated June 2020. Originally posted October 2015.