Are solar panels worth the investment?

Are solar panels worth the investment?

If there’s a way to save money, count us in.

Any way to save our bank account is a major win. But if you include potential money back? That’s a double win.

We also are always on the lookout to do our part for the environment.

We want to lessen the impact we make and leave it better for the generations to come. That’s sometimes easier said than done. There are some things we just cannot change or alter.

But one we can is with our homes. Whether it’s the amount of energy we use and what our house puts out the environment there are ways for us to limit the damage our homes do to our community.

The Twin Cities and Minnesota are good at putting the environment first, for the most part.

If you want to do your part, one of the best ways to save on your energy bill and limit the damage you do is to put solar panels on your home.

In Minneapolis and St. Paul (the whole state for that matter), we have some of the most unique weather in the country. We still know how to take advantage of those days by enjoying the outdoors through running, biking or just having a family picnic in the park.

But soon enough the 90 -100-degree days with strong humidity will return and we will have to find a way to stay cool.

Why not use the sun? That’s where solar panels come in. They do the job of cooling your home while also limiting the amount of money you spend and the damage done to the environment.

Money back: 2015-16 federal solar panel tax rebate

The federal government provides a tax rebate of 30 percent of the cost of installation on your solar panels. That includes everything from labor to wiring and assembly. 

There is no cap on the rebate, and in fact, if your rebate exceeds the amount of your 2015 tax liability, it will roll forward to the 2016 year. Congress hasn’t decided yet whether or not to extend it past 2016, but it’s likely that your rebate could roll even further forward. 

Everyone wants to lessen the amount of money we spend on energy bills. But now that the government offers to give you money back it makes even more sense to add solar panels. If, in the process, it limits the damage done to the environment that’s win for you and the rest of the community.