Don’t Lose The House To Divorce

Don’t Lose The House To Divorce

Do I Have to Sell My House in a Divorce?

A divorce can take a heavy emotional toll. It can also take a heavy financial toll, and raise questions such as, “Can I be forced to sell a jointly owned house?”

During a divorce or separation, it’s not unusual for bills to mount up and mortgage payments fall behind. Or, the settlement may force the sale of the house. Even in a best-case scenario, both parties often want to simply sell quickly and move on. If you’re considering selling a house during a divorce, We Buy Ugly Houses® can help. We pay cash for your house “as-is”, remove your worries about making payments, and help you move on.

No need to search for companies that buy houses. Your local, independently-owned We Buy Ugly Houses® franchisees know that selling a house quickly during a divorce can be stressful and emotional. Waiting for approval from the bank, making repairs, and spending hours cleaning can be difficult and time-consuming. But selling your house to us can be easy and stress-free. Why is that? It’s because we can buy the house “as is.”

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It’s fast. It’s easy. And it works.

What Selling Your House “As Is” Means

We pay cash for your house, as is. Selling your home with a traditional sale requires you to get an inspection, and often to pay for repairs, painting, even cleaning. It’s expensive and time-consuming. Then it can take months or even years – when you really want to close quickly, get out of your mortgage, and move one. That’s why we do things a different way. We can buy your house “as is.” That means:

  • No cleaning. Don’t worry about how the house looks. We can buy it exactly as it is.
  • No repair work. We don’t want you to any spend time or money fixing up your house.
  • No waiting on banks. It can feel like banks take forever to give approval. But with us, it’s possible to close in as few as three weeks.
  • No commissions. We work directly with you, so there are no commissions.
  • No paying typical closing costs: We can take care of those for you.
  • Fast closing. Because we pay cash for houses, we can close on your schedule — and often as quickly as three weeks.

If you’re going through a divorce or separation, it’s easy to get a fast cash offer for your house with We Buy Ugly Houses®. We pay cash for houses, and we’ve set up our whole process to make the hassle of selling your house as easy as possible.

Sell a House Fast During a Divorce

Looking to sell your house to companies that buy houses? Our system is designed to be fast and easy for you. It’s designed to remove the stress from the house selling process and save yourself the dread of negotiating any further details. It’s designed so you can get fast cash, and the peace of mind that comes with getting out from under a house and mortgage payment.

When we buy houses, we buy “as is” so you can sell your house fast. How it works is simple:

  • Schedule a free house visit from a local professional cash buyer. Contact us and set up a house visit with an independently owned and operated We Buy Ugly Houses® franchisee. The friendly, honest cash buyer will do a free consultation at your house, answer any questions you may have, and walk you through the process.
  • Get a fast cash offer on your houseWe can make a cash offer—on the spot. And unlike other cash home buyers or quick home buyers, we can make a fair cash offer that you can trust. No bait and switch. No games.
  • Move forward. We pay cash for houses, so you can walk away with cash in your pocket and peace of mind.

Call to Get Started

We want you to feel assured at every part of the process. So please check out our Frequently Asked Questions, and feel free to contact us to ask more. That way, you can feel secure in whatever decision you make.

During or after a divorce, when you need to sell your house fast for cash, contacting us can be your best choice. We have been helping people going through similar situations for over two decades. We can give you our personal time and attention because we truly care about helping. We’re here for you. Check out the we buy ugly houses reviews.

If you need to sell a house fast, the friendly folks at We Buy Ugly Houses® are ready to buy. Check out our FAQsconnect with us online to request a free, no-obligation consultation, or give us a call at 866-200-6475. 

*Each franchise office is independently owned and operated.

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