A Seller’s Property Disclosure In Texas

A Seller’s Property Disclosure In Texas

Signing home disclosure papers

What to know before you fill out your property disclosure form

So you’ve put your house on the market and have an interested buyer looking to make an offer. Before things go any further, you will need to fill out a property disclosure form. 

What is a property disclosure form, exactly? 

It’s paperwork you must fill out and send to your buyer before or during the negotiation phase of the sale of your house. You list the history of every known damage and repair made on the property, such as flood damage, roof repairs, or a replaced HVAC.  

Depending on the information disclosed, your buyer has the right to change or completely back out of their offer; it can be the deciding factor in whether or not you seal the deal on your house. 

You can see or download the official Texas home disclosure form from TREC to understand what it entails and get an idea of what you may need to include.

What to include in the property condition disclosure statement

How small of a hole or stain should you mention in your home disclosure? 

The answer is: If you have to ask, it’s safer to go ahead and write it down on the form. Any repairs or improvements made without official permits should be included as well. 

Let’s say there’s a hole in the floor that you fail to mention after selling your house. If the current homeowner learns you were aware of this problem and intentionally left that information out before the purchase, you could risk legal liability. 

It can be expensive to make all those repairs before selling a house, but it’s better than finding yourself in litigation. 

Some things that are mandatory to include are damage from fire, water, and/or termites, and foundation issues.  

There are a few instances when homeowners can leave out certain information in their form or be exempt from filling out a residential property disclosure altogether, according to Section 5.008 in the Texas Property Code.


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