Job Relocation Checklist: 8 Tips Before Moving

Job Relocation Checklist: 8 Tips Before Moving

Relocating for a new job? Start planning your move early, ask plenty of questions, and be willing to negotiate to get what you want, and you will find that your transition to your new home will go smoothly.

1. Visit your new city before you move

Spend time exploring the neighborhoods around your new employer to find the place where you feel most comfortable. Read the local newspaper, look up neighborhoods online, and do as much research as possible to learn about your new home. If possible, connect with people who currently live there and ask for their input.

2. Rent before you buy

Avoid the common mistake of buying a new home right away. If possible, rent an apartment in the short term until you’re more familiar with the area. Ask your new employer if they offer temporary corporate housing.

3. Utilize your employer’s relocation services

You never know what free services may be available to you until you ask. Some employers can assist you with transportation, job placement for your spouse, or even selling your old home and buying a new one. To make sure you get maximum mileage from any services provided, take the time to ask questions and find out what’s available, then follow through.

4. No relocation services provided? Ask anyway

Even if your new employer doesn’t typically offer any assistance with relocation, they may make an exception in your case. Research all of your moving costs, including truck rental, hiring movers, securing a storage unit and renting a temporary apartment. With a detailed estimate in hand, you may be able to negotiate a reimbursement of your costs.

5. Ask your new employer for moving recommendations

Your employer may have an established working relationship with specific moving services. Networking with your employer could give you the leverage to negotiate lower preferred rates.

6. Start building a new social network before you move

You’ll settle into your new home faster with a good social support network. Network with your existing friends and new colleagues to make new friends in your area. Online services like MeetUp can help you quickly find others who share your interests.

7. Keep separate to-do lists for each phase of your move

Break down your move into individual phases: preparation, leaving your old location, and arriving at your new location. Separating actions according to your timeline can keep you better organized and make your move easier.

8. Beat the stress

Naturally, moving can be overwhelming for anyone. Remind yourself of the positive reason for your move: your career is headed in the right direction, you’re a valuable asset, and your new employer has a vested interest in making you feel at home. Plan ahead, ask for assistance, and you’ll enjoy a successful relocation for your new job.