Termite treatment in Tucson

Termite treatment in Tucson

Your termite treatment guide
Termites are an equity killer.
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You might have been right the last time you thought you were being ‘eaten out of house and home,’ but the real-life culprit isn’t your kids.

Termites are a common threat homeowners must face head-on to protect their property values.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates U.S. residents spend at least $1 billion a year fighting termites and repairing the damage they leave behind.
It’s an expensive bill but keeping these insects out of your house is likely worth the money. And it’s just as possible to complete successful termite treatment in Tucson as anywhere else.

Most prospective home buyers who discover a termite infestation in your house are going to think twice about how much they’re willing to pay you to inherit those little freeloaders.

We’re going to tell you how to get rid of termites invading your home, how to prevent another invasion, and how much you’re likely to pay.

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Say Goodbye To Your Termites

If you have termites, the bad news is … you have termites. Good news: there are plenty of ways to kill them.

The Home Depot recommends you leave termite removal to professionals. I know spending money on this kind of maintenance isn’t fun, but this is money you’re spending to protect your investment.

Protect your house in Tucson. Termite treatment costs are worth it in the long run.
  1. Treat the soil – You can hire a company to treat the soil around your house with an insecticide. They can also apply the chemicals to any wood around your home if termites are inside it.
  2. Your pest control professionals can place termite traps strategically around your home. When the termites crawl inside, they’ll get covered in a slow-acting insecticide or insect growth regulator. So now you have dozens of insecticide-doused termites returning to their colony, like trojan horses.
  3. Foam insecticides can be applied to places where liquid pesticides won’t work
  4. You can also use an insecticide in the form of dust.
  5. You can have your home or other buildings on your property fumigated – this kills the termites, but it won’t stop more from coming back.
Consult a pest control professional to find out which option(s) are best for you. Word of advice: Home Depot warns not to disturb any dirt you’ve had treated with a termite pesticide.

Tucson termite treatment costs could range from less than $100 to nearly $1,000. The home management platform Thumbtack suggests a range between $700 and $800.
Fletcher’s Termite Control LLC serves Tucson and surrounding areas. The company’s website quotes generic repellent prices ranging from $395-$625 for homes between 1800 sq. ft. or less and 3,300 sq. ft.

The price is higher for buildings bigger than 3,300 sq. ft.

The online small business resource company Manta estimates termite control could cost an owner between $75 and $734.

Termite Prevention Works

When fighting termites, your best bet is to stop them before they get in. If you’re building a new home, your contractor can lay down a chemical barrier between the soil and your home’s foundation.

According to the Arizona Department of Agriculture, this pre-build treatment can go a long way towards preventing termites from infesting the wood in your home.

The contractor must delegate the work to a licensed pest control operator to comply with the Arizona Pest Management Division’s rules.

If you weren’t there when your house was built, you have other options for preventing termite infestation.

You can:
  1. Check for leaks in your roof and air conditioner.
  2. This Old House Ventures, LLC recommends cleaning gutters and pipes because termites hide in warm, dark, and moist places.
  3. Remove as much wood from the bare ground as possible.
  4. Replace the soil around your house with sand if you have wood fixtures that touch the ground. The Home Depot says termites cannot build tunnels through the sand.
  5. Avoid stacking firewood against your house and remove any tree stumps from the yard.
  6. Leave at least 6 inches between the ground and wooden decks, porches, and patios.
  7. Use termite-resistant wood in areas where you have to let the wood touch the ground.
  8. Have your home inspected regularly.
  9. Cover openings like vents outside your home with termite resistant-steel mesh.

Can You Sell A House With Termite Damage?

It might be harder to sell a house with termites the traditional way. But the good news is that We Buy Ugly Houses® Tucson buy houses "as is." We are a national network of independent home buyer franchises, and we buy houses “as is” from people who want to sell fast.

We don’t care if you have termites. We’re happy to take a look at your house, and if we like it, we’ll make you a fair, fast cash offer.

Give us a call at 866-200-6475 or fill out our First Step form to sell your house fast in Tucson! We may be the option you’re looking for!