Get Cash for Your Minneapolis House

Everyone has a reason for selling their house, good or bad. Divorce, new job, relocating? All paths lead to one: you need to sell your house as quickly as possible.

The goal is to sell your house in weeks, not months… or years.

Here are a few highly effective, time-tested strategies to help you you ensure that your home is sold quickly and without too much anxiety.

Ways to Clean Your House to Sell

Clean The House - Surfaces, Clutter, Odors

It seems obvious, but so many people fail to do the cleaning required to make their homes look aesthetically pleasing.

Maybe they’re so accustomed to dirt and clutter that they can’t even see the problem staring them in the eye. Regardless, all it takes to ensure that prospective buyers aren’t immediately scared off is a little due diligence.

Be sure to vacuum, dust, and remove any unsightly pet hair that may have gathered in your home over the years. Also, while on the topic of pets, it’s a good idea to keep them out of the way as much as possible during an open house. The presence of cats is less of a threat to derailing a sale than a dog, but there’s a good chance some buyers could allergic so it’s better to play it safe. Additionally, both animals are prone to carrying offensive odors.

Hire Best Agent to Sell House

Find the Best Real Estate Agent in Woodbury, MN

When it comes to finding a real estate agent, take your time.

Do plenty of research, check reviews online, and interview the agent in person before you actually hire them. If possible, see what past sellers who they’ve worked with say about the marketing strategy they used to attract buyers.  You need an agent that will work for you, not a glorified poster of real estate listings.

Hold Open House to Sell Fast

Hold an Open House

A carefully crafted marketing strategy is important for attracting a large number of prospective buyers. One often-overlooked technique is holding an open house.

Many sellers might feel like holding an open house is a waste of time, but that’s because their agent isn’t doing their job.

If you want to a good amount of people to show up for your open house you’ll need to advertise it like crazy. Some agents really put in the hard yards and place hundreds of signs around the neighborhood to increase foot traffic.

Sell your home to We Buy Ugly Houses for Cash

Another way to sell your home fast in Woodbury, MN involves working with We Buy Ugly Houses Twin Cities, your local We Buy Ugly Houses franchise. We can pay cash for your home and we’ll even buy it as-is. No repairs or inspections necessary.

When we buy a house:

  • We pay cash
  • We pay most, if not all standard closing costs
  • We buy “as-is” — no repairs, cleaning or repainting necessary
  • We close fast

Learn about We Buy Ugly Houses® and see for yourself why we are America’s #1 Home Buyer!

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