Costs you can expect when making home repairs in Minneapolis

Costs you can expect when making home repairs in Minneapolis

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The average costs of home repairs have been rising. But why? 

With inflation, the cost of materials is rising, and the lack of a skilled workforce is increasing the cost of labor. Together, the costs of repairs and remodeling are skyrocketing.

CBS News indicates that the national construction industry needs about 546,000 additional skilled construction workers to meet the demand of 2023.  

According to the Star Tribune, Minnesota’s older house supply and extreme weather conditions are also contributing to more extensive repairs locally.  

With these soaring expenses, you may be considering simply selling a house that needs repairs. Let’s look at the prices you can expect to pay for a few types of repairs this year, and the advantages of selling your house to a cash home buyer. 


What are the average costs of home repairs? 

Here are a few ranges for minor house repair costs in Minnesota during 2023

Doorbell wiring: (avg: $531) $112 to $1,225  

Door trim replacement: (avg: $524) $110.00 to $1,111.00 

Ceiling fan replacement: (avg: $615) $490 to $741 

Faucet repair: (avg: $156) $151 to $161 

Drywall fix: (avg: $2039) $1951 to $2127 

If you’re interested in remodeling major rooms, such as the kitchen or bathroom, Houzz states that “the median cost of revamping a kitchen and main bathroom—the two most popular renovations homeowners undertake—is $20,000 and $13,500 respectively.” 

A significant impact on home improvements is the range of prices for different materials. Not only could this significantly increase the cost of your project, but shipping delays can increase the timetable as well.  

Depending on the repair, you may run into permit requirements. In Minneapolis, you are required to have a permit for any of these repairs and installments: 

  • Replacing or installing most fixtures (showers, tubs, etc.) 

  • Installing a heating appliance such as a furnace, garage heater, or boiler 

  • Installing duct work, radiant heat, or in-floor heat 

  • Connecting gas appliances (such as stoves, dryers, or fireplaces) to gas piping 

  • Installing clothes dryer and or clothes dryer exhaust ducting 

  • Installing central air conditioning 

  • Replacing or installing a water heater 

  • Replacing or installing a dishwasher 

  • Replacing or installing water piping 

  • Replacing or installing a foundation drainage system

“Can I sell a house in need of repairs ‘as is?’” You can, to a cash home buyer. 

The answer is yes, you can sell your house without making repairs; however, you should prepare to sell at a lower price in exchange for removing the cost and hassle of fixing up your property.  

There are specialized home buyers who are in the business of buying houses in Minneapolis “as is.” These home buyers include small local companies, home flippers, online buyers, and even We Buy Ugly Houses®. This process is extremely convenient for homeowners who don’t want to spend time and money on making repairs and updates.  

The buyers then either resell your house to other companies or make the repairs and updates themselves. After finishing the remodeling, they rent or resell the property to make their profit on the house.

Selling a house “as is” for cash has been a lifesaver for many homeowners.  

Paying for expensive repairs often doesn’t fit a home seller’s budget. For thousands of homeowners, We Buy Ugly Houses® has been the solution to selling a house without spending a dime on repairs.

People can face difficult circumstances that make selling a house even trickier. Our straightforward process can help those seeking to move on to the next phase of their life without stressing over home maintenance.   

If you’re in Minneapolis and have a property in need of repairs that you want to sell, give us a call—we’d love to help.