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Simple is better when you’re selling a house. We won’t ask you to make expensive repairs, paint your bedrooms, or replace the gutters. We can buy back your time! We’re ready to buy houses throughout Louisville, and surrounding communities, including St Matthews, Lyndon, Jeffersontown, New Albany, Clarksville, Corydon, and Shively. 

We can make a fair cash offer for your house fast, and we won’t even ask you to pay typical closing costs. Sell your house to us! We can help homeowners sell under tough conditions. Give us a call if you’ve found yourself asking, How can I sell my house?

Homeowners all over the country have trusted our independently owned and operated homebuyers to purchase over 125,000 homes since 1996. 

We buy houses “as is” in almost any condition. So, get started on a fair cash offer now. Fill out our First Step form or call 866-200-6475.

We Buy Houses In Jeffersontown.

Take a break from the house sale. Full Throttle Adrenaline Park is a few minutes down the road, and they have ax throwing. Sometimes you need to be a kid again. So, tap into your inner child and throw some axes responsibly, of course. 

Kingpin Lanes will give you a little more orthodox fun. Grab a couple of balls and challenge your neighbor. Let’s see who knocks down the most pins. If you’ve still got some steam in your trunk, indoor rock climbing at Rocksport will take it out of you. 

Grab a rope, flex your fingers, and climb to the top slow and steady.  

If you’re too tired for home renovations after all of that, let We Buy Ugly Houses® Jeffersontown buy your house “as is.” Then, ask one of our local homebuyers how they can help.

We’re ready to buy your home in Jeffersontown! Call 866-200-6475 or fill out this form and to get started on your sale. 

Sell your house fast in St. Matthews.

Home sale getting away from you? Take back control with a scenic walk over the mighty Ohio River. The Big Four Pedestrian Bridge gives you the power to walk on water and cross from Kentucky to Indiana. If you can do that, you can sell your house. 

After your walk, take a food tour through your community. There are lots of options! Momma’s Mustard, Pickles & BBQ, Taco Luchador, Gerstles, and Drake’s St. Matthews will welcome you to sample their kitchens. Finally, you can top off the day with some sweet bites from Graeter’s Ice Cream.

Trust our local We Buy Ugly Houses® St. Matthews property specialists to buy your house for cash. We can carry you through our proven process and get you to the other side of your home sale fast.

Take the first step towards selling your St. Matthews home. Leave your name and phone number with us to get more information or call 866-200-6475 now.

We buy houses in Lyndon.

Ever seen a 250-million-year-old salt crystal? Now’s your chance. The Louisville Salt Cave® has pink Himalayan salt crystals that hold over 84 trace minerals. Sounds cooler than getting a house ready to sell. Plus, a session in a salt cave is supposed to release a mood stabilizer in people’s brains. Don’t ask us how it works! 

Sell your house to We Buy Ugly Houses® Lyndon, and relax in the salt cave. They say to bring a blanket; it gets chilly. 

Take your freshly rejuvenated brain down to Iceland Sports Complex for a public skate! A little cardio never hurts. And Calypso Cove Family Waterpark is just a quick drive away. It’s a great option for some weekend fun with the family. 

Don’t worry about your house. Sell it to us! You’ve got better things to do. 

You’re a quick step away from selling your home in Lyndon. Call 866-200-6475 today or leave your contact information with us to get help from one of our local buyers. 

Sell your house fast in New Albany.

Get out of your house and feel what it’s like when someone else is doing the work. Tour the Culbertson Mansion in New Albany. The three-story mansion is more than 20,000 square feet and has 25 rooms. It was built in 1867, and the city has been restoring it since 1980. 

For some more quiet fun, head to Sam Peden Community Park for a walk. Feed the geese or play with a dog. It’s better than stressing over a house. 

The Carnegie Center for Art & History is open for tours when you’re ready to feed your mind. Open up your creative side with art – old and new. New Albany is just across the Ohio River from Louisville, Kentucky. 

Ever dream of being a riverboat captain? Now’s your chance! Snag a ride on the Belle of Louisville – the oldest Mississippi River-style steamboat in the country that’s still running. You can even cosplay – we won’t judge. 

Sell your house in New Albany. Get started by filling out our First Step form or call 866-200-6475. 

We buy houses in Shively.

Punch 3920 Dixie Hwy into your GPS and pack a lunch. Stop working. Head to Shively Park for some self-care. Don’t let your house get in the way. We buy ugly houses in Shively too. 

If you’re in the mood for another kind of distraction, consider touring the historic Stitzel Weller Distillery. They call it a cathedral of the American whiskey industry! Let us know if it’s true. They produce Blade and Bow Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, I.W. Harper, and Orphan Barrel.

Are you looking for something more kid-friendly? Imagine you’re competing in the Olympics at Altitude Trampoline park of Louisville. They’ll let you get as dizzy as you want. Give it a try! They’ve got more space than your house.  

Make your house sale easy. Call us for a free consultation and get ready to hear a fair cash offer from one of our local homebuyers. 

We’re ready to help you sell your home in Shively. Fill out this form to contact us today or call 866-200-6475. 

Sell your house fast in Clarksville.

Snakes and lizards galore! Indiana Reptile Breeders Expo is right down the road! Now’s your chance to ogle snakes, lizards, turtles, every critter you may or may not want in your house. 

The expo is just minutes away from Big Four Station Park – a perfect opportunity to rent a kayak and play in the Ohio River. Clarksville is a great place to spend time outside of your house. So, don’t spend another minute staring at the wall you’re dying to paint. 

Call up your bowling team and enjoy the explosion of color on Clarksville Strike & Spare’s walls. If you’d rather be fishing, you’re in luck. Gear up for the fishing season at Kopp’s Lakes. They’ll have live bait, picnic and party rentals, and of course FISHING! Your house has nothing on Clarksville! 

Sell your house fast in Clarksville! Fill out our First Step form or call 866-200-6475. 

We Buy Houses In Corydon.

Let’s catch a movie! Corydon Cinemas has the latest and greatest. Movie night wouldn’t be right without a stop at Cluckers! Get some deep-fried chicken and cheese bites for dinner. 

When you’re ready to work off that meal, float your paddleboard down Indiana Creek! Take an old skillet for gold panning. It might be your lucky day!

There’s nothing like a glass of fine wine after a day paddling upriver. Turtle Run Winery has you covered! Do you think the shape of our wine glass affects your wine’s flavor?  Turtle Run argues it does. Put their theory to the test. 

We think flavor changes when you’re stressed about a house sale. So, sell your house in Corydon and let us know if your steak tastes better! 

Fill out our First Step form or call 866-200-6475.

Sell your Louisville home fast.

Not sure where to turn? You have another option! We can help home sellers in tough situations. We have over 25 years of experience buying homes quickly. There’s nothing wrong with doing things the easy way.  

Avoid amateur home buyers. We are professional real estate investors. We buy many houses in a wide range of conditions. 

It’s a simple process. So, let’s get into the details!


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