Stop My Foreclosure In Florida

Don’t Lose Your House at Auction

Stop My Foreclosure In Florida

Don’t Lose Your House at Auction

You Can Stop Your Foreclosure

Stopping your foreclosure can be as easy as 3 steps. One solution to getting out of foreclosure is paying your mortgage in full. Thanks to skyrocketing home values that may be possible for homeowners who are willing to sell their houses.

We buy houses fast in Florida, and we can help you get out of foreclosure. Are you in pre-foreclosure? Has the bank already sent you a Notice of Default? Your lender just wants the mortgage paid. They don’t care how you do it. Ask our local, independent homebuyers about our proven process.

They can make a cash offer for your house and close fast. We even cover typical closing costs.

Foreclosures happen fast. You have a limited window of opportunity to sell your house before the bank sells it at auction. We have more than 25 years of experience buying houses fast. Unfortunately, not every buyer can say the same.

Act now! Cash in on the equity in your house and pay your way out of foreclosure. You may even have cash left over after you pay the mortgage.

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Florida Foreclosure

You Still Have Time

If there is such a thing as a good time to fall behind on your mortgage, it’s now. Depending on its condition and location, your home’s value is probably significantly higher now than it was when you moved in. Sell the house. Cash in on your equity and settle your debt.

You don’t want to lose your house through a foreclosure, or even worse, take the first steps into bankruptcy. Either event will do terrible damage to your credit. If you’re going to lose the house anyway, you might as well get some cash for your trouble.

Generally, we can buy your house fast enough to beat the foreclosure countdown. You could be lucky and get enough cash to cover your home loan and have some money left over.

We buy fast with cash. So, you don’t have to wait around wondering if we’re going to come up with enough money to pay for the house. And you won’t have to risk your house getting sold at auction while we’re trying to finance the purchase. We know what we’re doing.

According to the business intelligence firm CoreLogic, the average Florida homeowner gained around $46,000 in home equity during 2021. Houses are in short supply, and home values are up. Turn your financial pitfall into an opportunity.

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Here’s What To Expect In a Florida Foreclosure

Federal law requires homeowners to be at least 120 days behind on their mortgage payments before a lender is allowed to start foreclosure proceedings. According to the office of attorney Brian Kowal, several steps come before Florida lenders can sell houses at auction.

  1. You’ll receive a letter stating you’re in pre-foreclosure. 30-90 days later, the lender may file a lawsuit.
  2. You are allowed to respond to the lawsuit. You must admit or deny allegations in the complaint.
  3. You or the lender can serve a motion for discovery. The goal is to gather information to give the filer a better chance in court.

There will be a final hearing in which the court will issue a judgment. The lender will have to provide the loan documents and the mortgage agreement. If the court sides with the lender, it will choose a date to sell your house at auction between 35-120 days. 

Stop A Foreclosure In Tampa

We know. No one puts ‘lose my house in foreclosure’ on their bucket list, but the good news is yours isn’t guaranteed. You can still get out of this!

Where are you in the process? You can sell your house and pay off your debt. Don’t let your house go to auction.

Take a little time and review our fast buying process and then call one of our local homebuyers to schedule a home visit.

We can help you stop your foreclosure in Tampa. Fill out our First Step form or call 866-200-6475.

Stop A Foreclosure In St. Petersburg

The bank doesn’t have to be the only side that profits off your house. Figure out how much time you have left and ask one of our trusted homebuyers if they can buy your house.

We can help you through this. Our local homebuyers are experienced, and they know the market in St. Petersburg. So sell your house, settle your debt, and maybe even get a little cash just for you.

Our local buyers can schedule an in-person or virtual home visit. They can check out your house and typically make you a cash offer fast.

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Stop A Foreclosure In Sarasota

We get it; you weren’t planning to sell your house. But what if selling is your last option to prevent foreclosure? Under those circumstances, selling your house might make sense.

Talk to one of our local homebuyers in Sarasota. They can answer your questions about our fast home buying process. You can get a cash offer and pay off your mortgage. Don’t let the bank take your house.

Selling fast and ending your foreclosure will look better on your credit than losing your house at auction.

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Stop A Foreclosure In Jacksonville

Save your credit score; sell your house. You only have a few options to prevent foreclosure. We could be the right one for you.

We’re ready to look at your house, and we can make you a fast cash offer. Acting fast is critical to beat a foreclosure. Banks can sell your house at auction in a few short months.

Beat them to it. Cash in on your home equity and keep your credit score from falling. It may not be your favorite option, but it’s better than losing your house and getting nothing to show for it.

Our local, independent homebuyers are waiting for your call. Ask them for help. They can answer your questions, look at your house, and can make you a cash offer. They also close fast, in as little as 3 weeks or later, on your schedule, and they pay typical closing costs.

Call 866-200-6475 now or fill out our First Step form to learn how you can stop your foreclosure in Jacksonville.

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