What To Expect In The Seattle Housing Market In 2023

What To Expect In The Seattle Housing Market In 2023

What the end of 2022 told us

According to Redfin, some trends at the end of 2022 in the Seattle housing market included: 

  • A 13% YoY (Year-Over-Year) increase in the median price of houses in May, but a decline in December that was only a 1% YoY.
  • Cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. experienced the same spike in May 2022.
  • However, Seattle had the highest increase in median sale prices from January to May, and the steepest decrease from May to December ($140k median increase and $150k median decrease). 
  • New listings dropped to 44,710 in December, a 22.7% YoY decrease.
  • 62,093 houses were sold in Seattle, a 33.2% YoY decrease.

What we can learn from these points is: 

  • Buyers are less accepting of rising Seattle house prices and are more willing to wait until house prices decrease.
  • Although the median sale price is only a 1% YoY increase, cities have been resilient to change, and many high-priced cities got more expensive.
  • According to Forbes, plenty of cities looked like Issaquah, a location whose median price raised from $871,000 in October 2021 to more than $1 million in October 2022.
  • The sharp changes in the median price of houses could indicate that an increase in jobs and opportunities is attracting people to move to the area.

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How’s the market looking for 2023? 

2022 has been over for a couple of months, so what differences are starting to appear in the 2023 Seattle housing market? So far, there has been a 3.3% YoY increase in price drops, and there is a 17.8 weeks’ supply of houses (a YoY increase of 9 weeks). The median number of days houses are spending on the market is currently 50.20. 

While house prices are lowering in some areas, the median house price is still rising, which means increasing interest rates are extremely high.

Should you buy or sell a house in Seattle in 2023? 

Most of the time, dropping house values would be favorable for most people who have been saving money to be able to buy a house. While home values have dropped in Seattle, the interest rates have skyrocketed and made the possibility of buying a house out of reach for many people.  

Right now, it’s a bit more difficult to sell your house in Seattle while still managing to walk away with a profit. The time it takes to finish the sale of a house has increased as well. If you sell now, you could find yourself underwater and sell your house for much less than what you initially bought it for.  

But life happens, and it happens fast—so what other options do you have when a traditional house sale could take longer than you need?

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