How long does it take to sell a house in Oklahoma City?

How long does it take to sell a house in Oklahoma City?

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The timeline to sell a house varies, depending on several factors. 

When it comes to selling a house, one of the most common questions homeowners ask is, "How long does it take to sell a house?" The answer to this question can vary significantly, depending on several factors, including the current housing market.  

We'll explore the typical timeline for selling a house through traditional methods and delve into the various steps involved. We'll also introduce an alternative solution for those who need to sell their house quickly and without the traditional hassles of the real estate market.  

Selling via a real estate agent in Oklahoma City  

 “On average, homes in Oklahoma City sell after 20 days on the market compared to 10 days last year,” according to Redfin. But that total doesn’t include all the necessary work involved to prepare a house for sale, and it doesn’t consider the average 35 days it takes to close on the sale. In other words, it typically takes 2 months to sell an Oklahoma City house with a real estate agent if you have an attractive property. 

Preparing your house for the Oklahoma City housing market 

Selling a house through traditional means often involves several time-consuming steps. First, you need to prepare your house for sale. This may include making necessary repairs and updates to ensure that your property is in good condition. If the work needed on your house involves hiring contractors, you’ll have to work with their availability, which could take more time. 

Decluttering and depersonalizing your Oklahoma City house is also advised in order to let potential buyers imagine themselves living in that space. Depending on how many objects, family photos, and knickknacks you have, it could take a while to get the house in order.  

Marketing and exposure needed to sell a house in Oklahoma City 

Once your house is ready, you'll need to market it effectively to attract potential buyers. This involves tasks such as finding and hiring photographers to capture appealing images of your home, listing the property on various platforms, and hosting open houses and showings. Marketing efforts can add more time to the overall selling process. 

Negotiations, contingencies, and loan approval in Oklahoma City 

After attracting potential buyers to your Oklahoma City house, you'll enter the negotiation phase. Traditional buyers often rely on mortgage financing, which can introduce delays due to home inspections, appraisal requirements, and financing contingencies. These negotiations can prolong the sale timeline further.  

The timeline for the mortgage loan process varies due to several factors such as the time of year, the lender, and the type of loan. In a normal market and with no hiccups, loan processing averages around 30 days. 

How to sell a house fast in Oklahoma City 

You may need to sell your house quickly for a variety of reasons, including divorce, financial problems, or to get out from under an ugly situation with a rental property. If you find the traditional selling process too time consuming, costly, or demanding, We Buy Ugly Houses® offers an alternative solution. Here's how we can help you sell your house fast: 

  • Convenience: We Buy Ugly Houses eliminates the need for extensive preparations, repairs, staging, and marketing efforts. We purchase houses "as is," which means you can sell your house fast for cash without investing additional time or money in repairs or renovations. Cleaning and unwanted item removal can also be taken care of by our team. 
  • Streamlined process: Our process is designed to be simple and efficient to allow for a quick home sale. If you express an interest in selling your house to us, we'll schedule a free, in-person consultation at your convenience. During the meeting, our friendly, Oklahoma City property specialist can often provide a cash offer on the spot. If you accept the offer, we can close the deal quickly, sometimes in as little as three weeks, providing you with a fast and hassle-free selling experience. 
  • Certainty and peace of mind: With We Buy Ugly Houses, you gain certainty and peace of mind. Our great reviews testify to that. With our decades of experience buying houses for cash, we've established a reliable network of lenders and financing options. You can trust us to follow through on our commitments, ensuring a smooth and worry-free transaction. 

The time it takes to sell a house can vary widely depending on the method you choose. If you're looking for a quick home sale in Oklahoma City and a convenient way to sell your house fast without the usual time-consuming steps, We Buy Ugly Houses offers a reliable solution. Don't let the challenges of the traditional market overwhelm you—contact us today to explore a faster and easier way to sell your house.